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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Local Star Sighting at Starbuck$

We had to get up at the crack of dawn this morning. OK, it was 9:30 but it seemed to me to be the crack of dawn considering the last few mornings wakeup time was well into the afternoon. The Girl needed an emergency trip to a neighboring town's library to get the book on CD that she was supposed to read and will be tested on tomorrow. I bet you can guess she never read it. Anyhow....

After a trip to the world's fanciest local palace library, she wanted to stop at a store and see if they had the silver lame (oh my God, yes, silver lame!) purse she has her heart set on carrying tomorrow for the first day of school. But hearts are meant to be broken and they didn't have it. So we trekked down a few storefronts and hit Starbuck$ for the first time in probably a year. I'm a confirmed Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee drinker in the summer, but chic towns like this only have $bucks. I think the last time we had anything to drink was around last Christmas when I discovered the joys of the pumpkin latte. And it was back, so I ordered one. Those things are GOOD.

Sitting outside reading the Times and texting on his cell was Ming Tsai, the owner of Blue Ginger, PBS chef, and philanthropist. He's damn cute irl. I've never been to Blue Ginger because I don't rob banks for a living, but I do watch him on TV and enjoy his fusion cuisine.

The Girl took a photo of him on her cell phone (which is turned off but she is still carrying around for the clock, she says) but we have no clue how to download it. So you'll have to use your imagination here. He was wearing dark shades, a gray polo t-shirt, and plaid shorts. He had Chucks low blacks on his feet with socks. He's thinner than he appears on TV. Nice jawline. Very adorable.

Made my day!

Which needs making since it appears that the Worthless Pet is blocked again. Damn!

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Blogger Sechakecha said...

Very cool! It's awesome when you see someone famous. I'll never forget the time that, my mom and I got free theatre tickets to go see Caberet, and we ended up sitting next to John Spencer! Needless to say, the guy who gave us the tickets was a little upset. ~.^ (He was a pharmisuitcal (I can't spell, I'm sorry =( ) rep, and was taking some clients out. He had two extra tickets. )

5/9/07 12:17 PM  
Anonymous adamg said...

If this is the gold-plated town I think it is, there are actually at least two whole Dunkin' Donuts - one on Linden Street (sort of the back alley to the main shopping drag; it's where the Roche Bros. is) and one on Rte. 9 westbound (granted, almost in Natick).

I know, I know, but still, us Dunkin' fans have to stick together.

5/9/07 12:46 PM  
Anonymous pinks & Blues Girls said...

A friend of ours used to work for Ming. He was actually at our friend's wedding. He's a good looking guy, huh? And his wife and kids are gorgeous too. Figures!

Jane, P&B Girls

7/9/07 6:03 PM  

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