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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh, my aching back!

I can be the queen of denial when it comes to my own health. I sort of cruise along from day to day, dealing with the aches and pains that come with growing older. One day my knees ache, the next day I've got a wicked headache from sinus problems. I'm a kvetch, but I usually just keep it to my self and move on. I have to be on death's door to call the doctor and say I'm sick.

I think I'm going to have to call the doctor. My freaking back is KILLING me. I don't know what I did. Maybe it was sitting on uncomfortable wooden pews for several hours. Maybe it was all that returning stuff to Marshalls. Maybe it was when I was weeding huge invasive things in the garden. You got me. All I know is, this is day three of "Mommy is waddling and needs help getting up from a chair" and I'm not enjoying it one bit.

My wonderful and caring friend with a chronic bad back gave me some of her muscle relaxants a while back, and so I've been taking a couple every evening. They knock me for a loop, I sleep for hours and hours, and when I wake up, my back hurts. But I'm certainly well rested!

I have changed my PJ's daily. Today it's the PINK!!! ones. That's about the extent of my activities. I drift in and out of sleep all day long, rising to make dinner, and then laying back on the sofa and wishing that I had a new spine, because this one is not working well.

Back pain is something we all experience at one time or another in our life. My back aches in the middle, and then again in my lower back. My neck hurts from sitting up so straight in order to type. I do believe my back needs some severe help.

Do I go to a chiropractor? I've been that route before and felt relief, but never cured. I'm thinking about acupuncture. I've never had it, mostly because the needles kind of freak me out and I don't understand how it works. But hell, I'm in agony here. I'm about to try anything.

Any suggestions?

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Blogger Shan said...

My mom found a combination of the chiropractor and regular back massage worked wonders for her back pain. I believe she went once a week for a half hour massage.

11/9/07 10:13 PM  
Blogger kabbage said...

For me a combination of low-force (see also "network") chiropractic and some exercises to strengthen my back muscles works well for back issues. The chiro may take multiple adjustments to get the spine back into alignment, but I think building the back and/or core muscles of the trunk is critical to giving my body the tools it needs to hold the alignment.

13/9/07 8:36 AM  

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