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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Queen of Hangnails

This is a post for Works for Me Wednesday, sponsored by Shannon of Rocks In My Dryer.

I have a disgusting little habit. It's not just me, all of my siblings do it too. And so does my son. My daughter, she bites her nails. Her habit isn't as gross as the rest of us.

I pick my hangnails. I pick and pick and pick until I've got big gaping wounds on my thumbs. I pick the cuticles on my thumbs to the point that they never really grow back normally, they're just thick and gross. It is disgusting. I've been doing it for as long as I can remember, well back into elementary school days.

No matter how many lotions and creams I used, I still pick at any hangnail as long as it's there. So, the obvious answer is, remove all the hangnails so I won't pick at them, right? Um, except, if there is the least bit of tough dry skin, pick pick pick. I'm relentless. It's a nervous tic. I'm not even aware of doing it most of the time.

Recently I discovered that if I use the heel emory board, that big thing you use to remove the dry skin on your heels to make them look all pretty and pink, on my thumbs to take off the top layer of skin, I will not pick at my thumbnails. I don't have any dry skin to pick, the hangnails all get sanded off by the heel thingy, and my thumbs finally get to recover and look normal again.

Caveat: You must keep this up daily. If you don't remove the dry skin every day, you'll get hangnails again, and the cycle renews it self.

So, if you or your kids pick their cuticles, the way to get it to stop easily and painlessly is to use the emory board on your heel smoother to remove all the dry skin.

Works for me!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't find time in winter for my heels dry skin care, and when summer comes I have really Big problems to make my thumbs and heels look beautiful....:(I'm too lazy,but I can do nothing to that...

5/12/07 7:02 AM  

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