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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Saga of Al and Hazel

It started about two months ago. Signs started appearing all over the south side of town saying "We Miss Al" and telling a little bit about him. Whomever was the sign-master was thorough. Every pole, tree, and sign had a little poster about Al. But Al was nowhere to be seen.

After a couple of weeks, more signs appeared. "We Love Al" claimed the signs. They had a photo of Al right in the center. He was a handsome fellow, long whiskers, deep dark eyes, a serious face. Al looked as if he was a loved member of a family.

The signs multiplied. They went further and further north as the days progressed. There was a reward offered for Al, but the signs continued to be posted. I'd pass them by and wonder if Al had ever been found, or if Al had moved into a new home someplace else. It was a town mystery. What happened to Al? We talked about it at the farmer's market, in the grocery, at the library. Where could Al be? How could Al have just disappeared like that. Somebody must have seen him someplace.

Then today, at the farmer's market, I noticed a new sign. A different sign. A sign that said "We Miss Hazel" with a picture of a lush looking femme fatale. It all clicked. Al and Hazel, Hazel and Al. Those horny kitties must have met up in someone's back garden and love blossomed.

"Let's blow this popstand" meowed Al, who was the older, wiser feline. "Oh baby, I'd go anywhere with you," mewed Hazel. Hazel was new at this kind of romance. She was barely old enough to think of young love when she met Al. But when a kitty finds the right mate, all bets are off.

I believe Hazel and Al have found a home of their own, where they are raising their family free of the confines of 'the man'. Rewards be damned, they said to each other. We're need to be free. We need to be on the open road.

So Al and Hazel, still missing from their loving families, have found something different in each other. They'll always be missed, those two young lovers, but further generations will carry the story of how Al and Hazel met and followed their hearts.

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