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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Bullets--Now Enhanced with Emmy Commentary

  • Our new dishwasher was installed yesterday. We got one with a stainless steel interior and it is so much more quiet than the former one, which had a sound like rockets were going off when it changed cycles. The bottom panel of the new dishwasher was damaged and we are waiting for another one. But in the meantime, we have clean dishes once again.
  • We've been hanging out our laundry on the line all summer. It's been a great savings in gas, especially since our old dryer is dead and the new dryer has yet to be installed. I have to say, even though the clothes are a bit stiffer, I'm loving using solar energy to dry my clothes. It does look a tad bit ghetto, but now all the neighbors are doing it, too, so we have our own little ghetto up on the hill. I love it.
  • There is a blogging position open at Figure Magazine, a new place for plus size fashion. They are looking for two or three bloggers to feature on their site. Jen of Jen and Tonic is one blogger that is self-promoting, so I figure that I could self promote as well. She's doing a great job and I voted for her as well, but I would love to blog for this magazine as well. Yes, this is shameless self-promotion, but if you feel I would do well as a blogger for Figure Magazine, you can go here to nominate me. If you don't want to, that's fine, but I could really use the gig and it is something I'm pretty passionate about. Yes, large clothing, and shoes for amazons are two of my biggest topics of conversation around here. Plus, you all know how up I am on celebrity gossip and weight issues. Plus, I need something fun to do to keep me out of Marshalls, right?
  • Our crazy neighbor, whom the Boy calls the Garbage Nazi, is putting up a hidious plastic fence today. I don't get it. She had a perfectly nice hedge of arbor vitae for years, then pulled them all out, put in a small perennial garden that went to weeds two years in a row, and now the huge plastic fence. I know those fences are cheap and go up in a flash, but they are so ugly. Shiny plastic reflecting the sun onto my tomato plants. Oh well, at least we won't have to look at her as she goes through everyone's garbage every week. Update: The fence is up. Only it's half a fence. I swear it, it is ONLY to block our property from her eyesight. And vice versa. It doesn't even go down her whole side of her house. She is such a nutcase, this woman!
  • SAT review courses cost a fortune. Everyone around here says they're required. Ugh. But we're going for it. I have all the books ready and all I need is a willing victim.
  • Just finished reading Surveillance by Jonathan Raban. I love Raban's writing. I've been reading him since the early 80's when he was still a British author, and have followed his life as he went through 2 divorces and a move to the USA, finally settling in Seattle. This book is a rather dark look at what the next steps might be in the Bush administration is allowed to trample over the Constitution even more than they already have. It has an amazingly wry ending and I recommend it. I'm going to review it later on my review site.
  • Now I'm reading My Year Inside Radical Islam by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross. This is quite the interesting read so far. It is a memoir of a secular Jewish kid from Ashland Oregon who falls into a Saudi-funded radical islamic charity that funds Al-Quida right from Oregon. He began to become interested in Islam whilst in college, and back in his hometown he is hired as part of the staff of a very radical fundamentalist Islamic group. The interesting thing? They're all American born ranchers with tattoos and seemingly regular lives. I can't wait to get deeper into this book. It's mesmerizing.
  • I've started knitting the Boy the scarf he's been begging me to make since last winter. He wanted something 'guy-like' that would go with both his brown and black jackets. But he wanted it not to be plain. It took a while to decide what exactly to make him, since he didn't want cables or stripes or anything remotely attractive. I finally bought a soft boucle in brown and black that knits up soft and not remotely 'girly'. If I have left over yarn, I'll make him a hat with ear flaps. All the rage around here.
  • The Boy is serving his friend some left over pot pie that I made last night, and he says to the friend "This is the thanks I get? I slaved over that microwave, Slaved!" Yeah, pushing buttons sure is hard.
  • So much to do this week. All I want to do is sleep. I can't seem to get enough sleep lately. Yeah, I know, I'm depressed. Got that. But I still want to sleep.
  • Emmy commentary: Eh. No surprise that the Sopranos took home the grand prize. Glad that Helen Mirren and Prime Suspect did so well. Rest of show was one big fat yawn. I missed the first hour watching BB8 update show. I don't think I missed much. Clothing choices? LOVED Sally Field in that little red dress. Adorable. She's so small and she usually wears stuff that overwhelms her. Didn't like Helen Mirren's dress at all. Can't remember who it was that wore the red dress that laced up in the back. Outstanding choice. Felicity Huffman... where were your boobs? Bad style for the mammary challanged. Kanye West, can you not afford shoes? William Shatner, that tux looked like it was made of automobile upholstery from 1958. LOVED Kathering Heigl's dress. Christina Aguilera adorably pregnant in white, excellent choice! Heather Panettiere, your Cinderella dolls wants her dress back. What a monstrosity! And Vanessa Williams, PETA is after you for killing all those poor green birds to make that gigantic nest you were wearing. Debra Messing, the giant wedding cake needs to be returned for the bride and groom. Red was the obvious popular color, but it was good to see color instead of all beige as in past years.

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Blogger moon said...

I think I have the cousin to your old dish washer...ear plugs anyone?..I look forward to being able to justify buying a new one..but for now I figure it's a totally new kitchen I need instead lol.
As for hanging clothes out to dry...WON'T do it lol. I know all the pro arguments..and agree with them but I hate to do it. My other excuse is that , as I care for a severely handicapped blind mute and have to be near him at all times incase he gets up to go to the bathroom etc..(he can get up fast) to prevent accidents I can't spend alot of time outside hanging clothes.....HONEST... it works for me! lol
Here via Michele's today..glad I stopped by, have enjoyed reading your blog.

16/9/07 2:25 PM  
Blogger Reflekshins said...

You should write a blook and enter it into the blooker contest.

Had to chuckle at Ashland, Oregon. I can actually see that place as a breeding ground for a variety of group influences -- artsy place for sure.

SAT books are atrocious a.tro.cious


me sent me

16/9/07 7:51 PM  
Blogger Eleanor said...

Love the comment about the hanging clothes outside being "ghetto."

Here in Australia the Hills Hoist (outdoor rotary clothesline) is a national icon! Having grown up with the stiffness and scent of outdoor dried clothes, I love it - and miss it now I'm living in a flat.

17/9/07 8:05 AM  
Anonymous MotherPie said...

Studying for SATs is a real pain, especially when we know that multiple intelligences are the fabric of a person. Having said that, I had all of my children take study courses. We posted a vocab word-of-the-week on the fridge.

Try using big words. It is fun. It makes one erudite. Try telling a little fussing kid that he has the preogative to be cross or not and he'll stop to learn the word.

17/9/07 10:04 AM  

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