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Monday, September 10, 2007

What does DESERVE really mean?

Our city is certainly divided. There are the people on one side who think they're living in a wonderful community with great resources, excellent schools, good town services, and a comfortable easy lifestyle. I'm on this side of the board.

Then there are the malcontents. They are the people for whom nothing in our city is right. The schools stink, the mayor stinks (and I'm with them there), the alderman stink, the finances of the town stink, everything stinks. But they continue to live here and spit their venom every week in the local paper. You know them. You've got them in your town, too. They're unpleasant, uninformed, provincial, usually wrong, and very narcissistic. If you don't agree with their particular whine of the week, you're an asshole.

This week the whine is about modular classrooms. These people cannot BELIEVE that the children of our fair city have to endure the shame and humility of modular classrooms. The horror! Modular classrooms are dank and dark, they are freezing in winter and boiling in summer, they provoke bad behavior and inhibit learning. Plus, our children DESERVE better. We pay taxes. We have a reutation to maintain. People won't move into our community if we have, gasp, modular classrooms.

Oh my freaking God, I'm about to bash their collective heads together, the idiots. I just cannot believe the stupidity and provincialism of this latest brouhaha. Modular classrooms are everywhere. I learned in many modular classrooms in LA. My children learned in modular classrooms in the Bay Area. Other communities successfully use modular classrooms. Why are they different than our city? Because we're a city of spoiled brats that think we DESERVE better than anyone else. It makes me sick.

I grew up in LA. Modular classrooms are a fact of life in California schools. They alleviate overcrowded classrooms, they are a cheap way of expanding the schools, and they're perfectly nice. When we lived in the Bay Area, the Girl was in a modular classroom that was provided by CAL Berkeley which monitored the energy consumption, the air pollution, etc. It was the nicest classroom in the school, bright, cheery, and LARGE.

So what do you think? Are modular classrooms the devil's work? Does every child DESERVE only the very best, fancy schmancy classroom? Does the classroom itself even matter, or is it what does on INSIDE the classroom that is the most important thing in educating our kids?

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Blogger talia said...

People who pay lots of tax dollars have higher expectations. Rightfully so. We work hard, we certainly DESERVE a pleasant learning environment. Really, why not? I had some modular growing up and it sucked. There's no way I would want that for my kid. Of course the obvious stands that good teachers trumps all of it. However, nice classrooms is well, nice. And deserved for all.

10/9/07 8:41 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

I pay a fortune in taxes and would be delighted to have my child in a properly built and maintained modular classroom if that meant that the school was able to hire more teachers and reduce class size.

11/9/07 12:12 AM  
Blogger Sechakecha said...

We had the modular classrooms in my school, and the kids had no problem with them. I didn't have to ever go to the modular classrooms, but I also didn't hear any complaints about them. (Other than having to walk to them in snow, but they dealt with that, lol).

They really aren't any different... so what's the big deal?? A classroom is a classroom

11/9/07 9:39 AM  

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