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Monday, September 03, 2007

Whoa. Let's act like a real bratty teenager, K?

The Girl. What can I say. She's on a roll, that one. She seems to have forgotten that long standing adage that goes "I'm the mom, and until you're 18, what I say goes." I thought it was clear. Eventually not. I'm a fool and she's smarter than I am. Or so she thinks. So far, she's batting 0 and I'm cleaning up.

For months she's been begging to pierce her tongue. She wants a tongue piercing more than anything. She must have one. I tell her it's the worst piercing for bacteria you can get. I tell her that they are painful and get infected. I tell her I'd rather she got a clit piercing than a tongue piercing. They're dangerous, they ruin your teeth, they make your speech sound ridiculous...I gave her every argument under the sun.

Yeah, she pierced her tongue. The story is (and I'm not buying it, believe me) that she bit her tongue and it made such a big hole that she decided to just pierce it where the hole was. Right in the middle of her tongue. Yeah. She actually thinks I'm going to take that crap. She bought a bunch of gauge posts the other day that she's been wearing in her ears??? I made her take them all out and I wrecked them all. We are NOT gauging our tongue to accept bigger and more disgusting jewelery. Not happening on my watch. For now, she's got the thing in, it hurts, and she won't take it out. We are not through with this fight. Not by a long shot.

And then there's the phone. The rule is, no phone after 11 pm. I've caught her almost every night this week talking really late on the phone. She's solving all her friend's crisises, she claims. When she became a psychologist is beyond me, but this is what she does late at night. The other night she refused to get off the phone at 11:45 and come do the dishes which had been sitting for hours. Let us just say I got annoyed. I picked up the extension, told her friend that she was no allowed to talk this late (friend knows the rule as well as the Girl) and hung up. Girl went ballistic and said she would use her cell phone. I said she better not, because if she did, I would cut off the service.

She challenged me, she screamed at me, she called me names, and I just sat there at the computer cutting off her service. So, that's done. Her new cell phone? I guess I'll use it. I don't have one and I know she isn't able to handle a phone right now. So, that's that.

The girl has a bunch friends that 'dropped by' because they can't reach her by phone. The Boy has friends over because he planned some weird party where he wanted to take the good TV outside on the lawn to play video games (over my dead body). He's got about 7 kids sleeping over, only they're going to sleep outside on the lawn. I'm sure my neighbors will be thrilled!

Off to the grocery store. What an exciting life I lead on this lovely holiday weekend.

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Anonymous pinks & Blues Girls said...

Oh boy, oh boy. Teenagers are FUN! I love the Girl's explanation for why she got the tongue ring. That is certainly one for the books.

Sometimes I hug my parents and just say, "Thank you for keeping me around when I was a teenager."

So at least you've got the gratitude to look forward to... in 10 years!

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

3/9/07 8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If a piercing is properly taken care of then there is no guaratee that it will get infected or otherwise impair anything. Depending on where it is pierced (how far back on the tongue) then it shouldn't damage teeth. There are also many people who you can't even tell have theirs pierced because it doesn't affect their speech after it's healed.

All that said, your daughter is under 18 and I assume she didn't stick a needle through her tongue herself. Try and find out where she got it done and confront the shop. I've never heard of anyplace in the US that allows minors to consent to their own piercings.

4/9/07 11:29 AM  

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