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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cocaine, Alcohol allegations haunt firefighters

Tonight an unnamed 'source' reported to the Boston Globe website that the two firefighters who died in the West Roxbury fire were both impaired. I can't comment on one firefighter, but I can comment on the firefighter that I knew, Warren Payne. Cocaine allegations are ludicrous. The man was not a cokehead. No officials have commented, so this seems to be unwarranted allegations at this point, but I am FURIOUS that the newsmedia would report on such allegations without any proof. No autopsy report has been released. The mayor, the head of the fire department, the Union representatives, nobody has seen an autopsy report and commented upon it. Besides, the contents of autopsies are not public, nor should they be.

I feel that Fox news, which broke the story, was terribly irresponsible for reporting this, but even worse were the legitimate newsteams, who said "Remember that there are 5 children left by the deceased firefighters" and then proceeded to report these horrible allegations. Tomorrow we'll find out how it affected Payne's son that my kids are both friendly with. I'm sure he's furious, too.

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Anonymous SwirlyGrrl said...

If somebody dropped dead on the street or in a bar and their blook was tested and showed certain levels of certain drugs, I'd likely believe the findings from the medical examiner.

These guys died in a FIRE and EXPLOSION. This puts any blood level readings in serious doubt because heat drives off water, concentrating what is left. Not only did these guys die there, there was considerable time before the fire was sufficiently under control to get them out.

There also may have been cocaine hidden in the restaurant. Or not. Still, it is a possibility that the explosion dispersed contraband.

These findings should have been embargoed until someone could answer or be challenged on these key questions. The medical examiner must explain the effects of heat and how certain unusual conditions present when the firefighters died could seriously affect any tests unless the coroner can account for those conditions (doubtful). Jumping the gun for the sake of sensationalism and serving the purposes of some hacks with questionable motives in fucked up organizations is reprehensible to say the least!

4/10/07 9:37 AM  
Blogger courtney said...

The "source" was a coroner's report, leaked by the coroner's office. It's sad that this came out, but I'm inclined to believe it. I'm sorry for their kids and widows, but sometimes people have secrets.

4/10/07 10:34 AM  
Blogger Fairly Odd Mother said...

Is it possible that they will use this information to keep the fire fighters' families from collecting any death benefit or life insurance? THAT would really be upsetting. I sometimes wish the media would shut up until the entire story is out. Their families must feel so much pain.

4/10/07 8:31 PM  
Blogger talia said...

That's just what I saw on the news that now the money to be collected by the families could very well be in jeopardy. Very sad all around! Makes you think it could have all been avoided. The coroner's report said the blood alcohol levels were like .27. Sure, people definitely have secrets, although drinking isn't usually a well-kept one. It could have been an isolated incident of drinking, or could be a daily thing, who knows. I didn't see anything about cocaine though. The news will just report it as they see it, they simply don't care who's feelings they may be hurting along the way. I don't mean this in a bad way, but the families may have known about alcohol use anyway.

Still very sad, and they still should get the insurance money no matter what the cause of death was.

4/10/07 9:24 PM  
Anonymous MotherPie said...

What is ever real? The bad, the horrid, that makes the news. Most all the time. When the truth comes out, the media have moved on to other things.

5/10/07 7:48 AM  

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