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Monday, October 29, 2007

Holy Cow!

I've never had so many visitors to my site. Ever. This Fall Y'all Giveaway is insane. Have you gone over to Shannon's site and entered any of the 300+ contests. All sorts of stuff being given away, so if you haven't yet headed over, don't hesitate!

See that new button on my sidebar, the one that says I'm trying to win a pink dyson. Well, I am. I'd take a yellow or a purple one. I'm not picky, but the pink one is the one offered in this contest. My current vacuum is dead. Oh, it runs. But it reeks of burnt cat hair, and it picks up next to nothing. It's not even old, which is what bothers me the most. But that's the deal with vacuums. They're disposable nowadays.

Today was a nutty day. I had a lot of business to do and no matter what I tried to do, I couldn't get anything done. I need to get car insurance. I can't get car insurance without paperwork, evidentally. I need to pay for my errant excise tax. I didn't get that done because the person who does it wasn't at work today, and nobody answered my message I left at city hall. I need to get my drivers license renewed, I can't do that without the excise tax paid. Total run-around. But I was in such a good mood because of the Red Sox that I just didn't let it bother me.

My friend Iris asked me today to make the turkey for her Thanksgiving dinner. She'll provide the bird, I'll cook it and bring it over for dinner. I'm going to make some other sides, as my family has a traditional Thanksgiving meal, and they're going to want to eat that. Like, she wanted to skip stuffing. Who skips stuffing at Thanksgiving? Insane, I say. Absolutely bonkers. One MUST have stuffing.

My son is driving me nuts. If he says to me one more time, "Why are you so mean to me?" when I ask him to do anything, like pick up the altoids he spilled all over the floor, I swear, I'm going to put an axe into his skull. Of course, I don't OWN an axe, and have no clue of where to get one in a hurry, but don't let that stop my imagination. Please! I found out this morning that he has not been taking his pills regularly at all. What a shock! No wonder he's been so horrible. So we're back to me passing them out in the morning and checking to see what he's taken at night. I hate this. I feel like he should be responsible for his own meds, but apparently I'm in the minority.

Tomorrow we're going to see the Rolling Rally for the Red Sox. We're planning to go to Copley Square because there is a jumbotron there so we can see the entire rally. We don't want to miss the Dropkick Murphys singing Tessie with Papalbom dancing on the flatbed truck. I'm so psyched. All my Red Sox clothing is newly laundered, the sun will be shining unlike the last Rolling Rally, and I just cannot wait to see my Red Sox up close.

My friend Nina has started blogging at last. Do go and say "Hello" to her. She's got a compelling story (read her About Me page) and she's the most wonderful person. You can't find a better and kinder person on the face of the earth. Plus, she's the mom of the Triplet. Her younger son was born the exact same time and date as my twins. Plus he's a lot like the Boy, only better behaved now that he's older. So go and show her some love.

This means that almost every one of my old IRL friends are blogging. Some are private blogs, some aren't. But I feel like this is a great way to keep in daily touch with my old friends who now live far away. I miss the daily chats, and reading friend's blogs is a great way to keep up with them, and with the friendship.

Hey, did you see Barry Teitelbaum from Jordan's on the national news tonight? They were covering the Red Sox furniture score of the century. Lucky Jordan's got some great insurance policy to cover that contest. They sold more than 30 thousand pieces of furniture that they'll now have to refund the sale price. It was an amazing and generous publicity stunt and it that it made national news proves how successful it was. But they're never do it again! I have to admit, I miss Elliot. I liked their stuff when Barry and Elliot did it together. They're second only to the Tappit Brothers in delighting me with their brotherly 'love'.

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Blogger Reflekshins said...

oy - it takes your site a fortnight to download on dsl........ shades of 1200 bps

30/10/07 12:29 AM  
Blogger JaniceNW said...

Hey! I'm still your favorite chocolate enabler, right?

30/10/07 12:44 AM  
Anonymous FeeFiFoto said...

I heard the Sox were going to ride their parade in duck boats! Hilarious!

30/10/07 1:47 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Thanksgiving without stuffing? Unthinkable. Absurd.
I love the Tappit brothers! My 15-yr-old listens to them religiously every week.
And finally: thank you, thank you, for taking charge of your child's meds. I wish a few parents of my students would take that responsibility.

30/10/07 8:40 PM  
Blogger Reflekshins said...

loads well now :)

1/11/07 2:34 AM  

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