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Monday, October 08, 2007

I cannot decide

I have spent an inordinate amount of time today pondering the biggest question of the moment: should I hope for the dreaded Evil Empire from the Bronx, or for the Cleveland Indians to win their division and move ahead to face the Red Sox in the ALCS pennant race? I just don't know. There are, of course, two sides to consider. There's the revenge side, where Sox Nation would like nothing more than to cream the Yankees and spit them out at the end of game 4 of the 7 game series. But there's the realistic side, which says the Sox often buckle in Yankee Stadium and how painful it would be to see the Yankees grab the pennant after playing such lackluster ball all season (except for A-Rod, who is clutch but I hate him anyways.)

Then there's Cleveland. If I hope and pray for Cleveland, isn't that saying I'm just a bit chicken of the Yankees? That I'd rather Cleveland dispatch the Yankees now so we don't have to later?

You see, this stuff keeps my mind totally occupied when I'm not watching All My Children (can someone PLEASE tell me why Kendall owns nothing but cocktail dresses and what the hell was that Babe switch mid-hug?). Did I do one thing on the long list of stuff I wanted to do? Why no, I did not. But I had an excellent rest because I'm getting a head cold which is all I freaking need. So I stayed in bed and slept and watched small amounts of daytime TV in-between bouts of sleep, chats with the kids, snuggles with the Worthless Pet, and catching up on some reading. Yes, another eventful day here in Margalitaville.

I did fold two small loads of laundry, but there is so much more to do that I believe I could outfit an entire town with our dirty clothes. It's bad. Really bad.

But I did make up some awesome lists and I know what needs to be done. Now I just need someone with more fortitude than I have to actually do the tasks. Any volunteers?

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