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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's never easy, is it?

I saw the Girl this afternoon at the hospital. She is doing really well, looks good, and actually slept last night for the first time in forever. I think she is reacting well to medication and is actually psyched to take it (a first, believe me) because it's helping her to sleep. Sleep is never overrated in our family of insomniacs.

We had a long meeting with her case manager, who has talked at length to the Girl and gave me some insight into what's going on that I didn't know about. See if you can guess....

I'll give you a hint. It's illegal.


I knew there was some smoking going on because I smelled it and we talked about it at length. But... and this is a big but, I had no clue that she was experimenting with anything else. I was wrong. Nothing I'm petrified about, no crack or crystal or anything, but she's playing with stuff that can potentially be dangerous and it's going to stop immediately.

Because there has been drug involvement, she's in an AA program which she HATES. She has to go with old people! Imagine the horror! OLD PEOPLE. Like you and me. If it helps, I'm all for it.

This means that she's not coming home right away, which is also OK. In the meantime I'm working on getting the Boy stable, which he is so far away from being it's ridiculous. This morning he out and out refused to go to school, which was a first. He stayed home, but it isn't an excused absence. I will not excuse him even though it's the first absence of the year for him. Because I'm mean and contrary and refuse to rescue him. Sink or swim, baby. Sink or swim.

Meanwhile, the car remains dead as a doornail in the parking lot of the hospital. I have no clue what to do about that damn car. NONE. Every option seems to be overwhelming. I just feel like I want to wish and hope it to come alive. Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

So tonight is the first game of the world series and I just made a batch of my famous cranberry pecan chocolate chunk cookies. YUM. The Boy just took them out of the oven and of course he snuck one right away. You know, he was actually shocked that I knew he had taken one. Yeah, I'm not only mean, I'm a moron as well.

The fires in CA are totally freaking me out. As a native of LA, I lived though these fires all of my childhood and when I see this stuff happening, I get scared all over again. It's one of the things from my childhood that I can't seem to let go of. My sister's house burned to the ground in a fire, and I've never forgotten the heartache it caused her. Everything gone. I feel for those folks that have neglected to fully cover their homes with replacement insurance, and who didn't document what their homes contained. If you live in an area that is prone to disasters of any kind, flood, fire, earthquake, hurricane, blizzards... document your household goods yearly. Take pictures of everything, even inside closets and cupboards. It doesn't take a long time and it's so worth the effort if you're caught in a disaster.

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Blogger Belinda said...

Use as much of this time for yourself as you possibly can. Sounds like G is in the right place at the right time just now, and I'm glad. She is the sweetest, sweetest thing.

Did you read the recent study about how profoundly sleep deprivation affects mental health?


25/10/07 12:34 AM  
Blogger Major Bedhead said...

Cranberry pecan chocolate chunk cookies????! Um, could I have that recipe please? Not that those sound good or anything, she said, wiping drool from her chin.

Good luck with the Girl. I hope she gets something out of AA, even if it is with old people. And good luck with the Boy. I don't know how you do it, Margalit.

25/10/07 7:15 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Major BH,

The cookies are basically the same recipe as the nestles toll house except with the following changes:

Instead of white unbleached flour, use half whole wheat pastry, and half white to equal 2 1/4 cups flour.

Instead of 1 whole stick unsalted butter, use 1 1/4 sticks unsalted butter

Instead of chocolate chips, use a chunk of Trader Joes (or what you can get) chocolate cut into chunks.

Add 1 cup dried cranberries

Add i cup coarsely chopped pecans, unsalted.

Leave out the salt. Or not... I do, but I leave the salt out of everything. It tastes the same and sodium is not good for us water retainers. :-)

Use about 1/4 cup of dough per cookie, rolled into a ball and then pressed down a bit.

Bake at 350 until done, maybe about 12-15 minutes per pan.

COOL before eating. With chocolate chunks, you get hot hot chocolate on the roof of your mouth, which HURTS.


25/10/07 10:25 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Any chance you'll share the cookie recipe? :)

26/10/07 10:29 AM  
Blogger Fairly Odd Mother said...

So sorry about what's going on with 'The Girl'---parenting is HARD! I'm lucky that the biggest worry I have right now is whether or not they are watching too much TV today.

And, thanks for the recipe---looks like I'll be baking today!

28/10/07 7:44 AM  

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