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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Manny of the hour, indeed!

I have made clear my undying love for Manny Ramirez, right? Of course I have. I am not one of those "Oh, Manny's being Manny" kinda girls. I think Manny, when Manny is feeling good, is a baseball God. He's gorgeous, he's flakey as hell, and Jebus, that man can hit a ball smack dab over into the stands with almost no effort. He is beautiful to watch.

Of course, I can't watch the playoffs because Ted Fucking Turner bought the rights and the games are only on cable. I've kept up the best I can, but geesh, can't a girl see her boys of October clinch games on plain old television. Why do I have to pay for something I don't want, Comcastic television. No thanks. I watch online, I listen to the radio, and I curse that pig in Atlanta that needs more money coming in. Hate him.

But the game last night. Oh my frigging God, Manny hit a walkoff homer, something he's never done in a Sox uniform. Usually it's Papi that hits the walkoffs, but tonight it was Manny's turn. Dreadlocks flying, he rounded the bases arms raised in the air after the Angel's closer choose to walk Ortiz...again. I hate when the pitchers walk the same guys inning after inning. I know it's OK, allowed, considered good form, etc., but to me it seems a bit chicken-ish and not really playng fair. I think you should give a guy a chance to hit and not intentionally walk him over and over. It's discouraging for the fans and it must be so frustrating for the players.

But no matter. The Sox won the second game of the playoffs to a big fat ZERO for those Hollywood types. Heh. LA might have better weather, but Boston can play ball!

I know that people who root for other teams don't really get the devotion Boston has to the Sox. It's not like this anywhere else, the crazy devotion in good times as well as bad. I'm a proud third generation Red Sox fan, and I've raised excellent 4th generation fans. My guess is that our family will always and forever, as long as there is baseball, be Red Sox fans. It is in our blood, it is a part of our lives. From April to October, we live with the rollercoaster of wins and losses. We never give up hope, even when we have bad streaks in July and August and watch our lead erode. We remember living in the basement year after year. We remember those days before 2004 when the team was cursed. We never gave up, we never stopped loving them, those boys of summer. When they play like the have the last couple of games, it's almost like you've given birth and raised these crazy players. Even when players move on, you still love them as part of YOUR team, unless they pull a Johnny Damon and go over to the dark side. Then you never forgive and never support the player again. Oh, you're polite. You don't boo unless you're a boor, but you sure don't like the Damons like you do the Kevin Millars, right?

Every win puts us closer to the world series. Every loss of the Yankees (they've lost both games, which goes to show you that evil never prospers) makes us even happier. We root for whatever team is playing the Yankees because we hate them so much, anything is better. We love the rivalry. It makes us stronger fans. And then we get a walkoff from Manny and all is right with the world.

I love this team!

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Blogger Lynn said...

You are probably better off watching online and listening to Joe on the radio because TBS has the WORST announcers. Really. They are complete idiots-making STUPID
comments about Manny is underrated b/c he's a smart baserunner (Manny Ramirez? He's a lot of things but a smart baserunner is NOT one of them) and watch out Drew is a power hitter (really, not so much ...) It's endless. I have to turn the sound off (and there is such a delay I can't put the radio on, it's too bizarre)
And if the announcers aren't bad enough, Ted has to get maximum commercial $$-several times during game one we missed the first pitches of an inning b/c they were still in a commercial (the missed showing us Lowell's great catch live b/c they were in a freaking commmercial!!!!)
I blame the MLB for having TBS coverage. Let them know what you think, I already have.

6/10/07 7:40 AM  
Blogger Never That Easy said...

I am a horrible, horrible sports fan - my kindergarten teacher nature does not comprehend the idea of competing over a little ball. I always feel badly for the team that loses (seriously, it is sad).

But I also get too caught up in the Sox. You can't live here and not get caught up in the Sox. It's everywhere and all things - if your window is open in the summer, you can hear the games. If you wander into town for a doctor's appointment, you fight with the crowds, all red-B decked out. The opening segments on the news? The Sox, the Sausage Guy, the Faithful sitting outside waiting for tickets.

Oh, I try to keep away from it, because it's too intense and I will wind up sucked in, I just know it. Because I see the fever in my brother's eyes, feel the fear in the room as my dad wanders in to 'casually' ask for the score.

Wicked Pissah, indeed.

6/10/07 1:16 PM  
Blogger Poppy Buxom said...

Heh heh heh, catching up with your older posts and enjoying this one because WE BROOMED THE ANGELS!!!

7/10/07 9:04 PM  

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