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Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Firefighter Commentary

It came to light today that if Paul Cahill and Warren Payne, the two firefighters killed in the West Roxbury fire last month were indeed drunk (Cahill was supposed to be intoxicated to 3X the legal limit in MA) or using drugs (trace amounts of cocaine was supposed to be found in Payne's blood), then the Federal and State insurance/pensions do not have to be paid to the families.


Since we have absolutely NO proof that the firefighters were indeed impaired, and since they would have died in the fire impaired or not because of the flash fire between the dropped ceiling and the roof, which exploded and fell on them both, killing them instantly, it becomes VERY suspicious that this came up in the way that it did.

Very suspicious.

I'm more doubtful than ever about the nature of the 'source' and the motives of the leak. I can see how the commonwealth doesn't want to pay out the very large pensions due to these fire fighter's families. But to impugn their good names and to do it in such a noxious way really is disgusting.

Plus, of of the media outlets showed Payne's sons tonight on TV, something they were asked not to do. I'm really hating the local media right now. I feel the sensationalizing of these men and their beloved families is outrageous. Warren's boys both have severe special needs. They need their father's pension to help them out of a bad situation and to give them a stable life, something they do not have without him. Pulling this crap on these poor kids is unbelievable. Not that I'm shocked. This state has gone well out of it's way to screw kids with special needs, thanks to our former governor, Mitt the Pitt, may he rot in Mormon hell.


In other Boston news: Sox won last night, first night of playoffs. Go Sox!
Yankees lost their first game in playoffs. Yankees suck. Go Sox!
It's in the 80's and we need rain desperately.
Boston Pops opened tonight. Keith Lockheart still adorable.
Spooky World opens.
World's biggest pumpkin is at Topsfield fair. Over 1600 lbs. That's a lotta pumpkin!
UMass student sues to have C turned into A-. Really.
I am TIRED of being hot. I want fall. Remind me I said this in February.

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Blogger might I add...? said...

Just came upon your blog today, or I would have commented on delurking day.

I was intrigued by your mention of the student suing to change a grade (I hadn't heard this story before). So, here's my take: in general, arguing over grades pisses me off, but I think he has a point. Grading a class on a curve is unfair. If he had met all the requirements of an A-, but there are just a lot of good students in the class, OR the professor taught the material really well, OR the students really put a lot of effort into learning it, well then, why can't everyone be successful?

Seriously, if the class is too easy, and too many people are getting high grades, then either make the class harder or teach it less well.

Just my two cents' worth....

5/10/07 12:08 PM  

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