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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Slowly crawling uphill, one step at a time

I still have a migraine. It isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It's now trying to be my new best friend, but I refuse to allow it. I don't like this migraine. I want it to go away. It makes me miserable.

But, I'm feeling better otherwise. I got out of bed, showered and got dressed before 2 pm, which is a huge improvement. That's how bad it was. I also left the house, which was an interesting adventure. I took the Boy to his pdoc appt and barely bothered to get pissy at him, even though he was unpleasant and snippy. By the time we were done with the appt., he had calmed down a bit and came to CVS with me to pick up prescriptions. Many many prescriptions. Prescriptions for the entire family. Because we're real party people over here. We love the drugs!

Midterm reports arrived today. Let us just say that some people think homework is optional. It isn't. We'll be addressing this issue often in the next few days. Fun!

Also, some people have a different idea of cleanliness than I do. Believe me, I'm no clean freak. I can tolerate a pretty disgusting level of slovenliness before I go ballistic. But there are things I will not tolerate. Not at all. Like, if an animal tips over the garbage, I feel strongly that the garbage should be cleaned up. Some people disagree. However, since I am the boss, and I control the money, there isn't much discussion. Getting it cleaned up might take a bit of prodding, but it will be cleaned.

The Red Sox better freaking win tonight. I cannot tolerate another night of "Cleveland Rocks". I mean, who but Drew Carey likes that song? I need to hear the Standells sing "Love that Dirty Water" because I'm getting mega depressed with the Old Towne Team. Papi's knee can't take many more games. We need to win to save Papi's knee.

Other Bloggers: Please stop posting about lice. I'm sorry you have lice in your house, but those posts make me itch uncontrollably and I can't stand it. OK?

Did anyone watch the new series on PBS about the heart? The first episode, which dealt with heart transplants, scared the crap out of me. But it was interesting to see how sick the people were who got transplants.

Just heard that a woman we really liked from shul died. Funeral tomorrow at 11. Man, that came out of nowhere. I mean, she was sick, and she was at rehab, but while I was talking to my BFF as I was typing this post, she got the phone call. Unexpected. Very sad.

Oh, and see that nice little ad at the top of my right sidebar? Could you please click it and take the Blogher survey? That would be so nice!

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Blogger talia said...

Had to comment about lice! I have been losing sleep over this one big time. I don't read many blogs, but I have my ear to the ground enough to see and HEAR every single person talk about it. I'm scared to death of this and have completely convinced myself that my entire family has it. I check my kids at least 1x day!

16/10/07 8:09 PM  

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