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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We do pumpkins right in Boston

This Halloween is the first Halloween in my entire life when I didn't get a pumpkin. Things conspired against pumpkin consumption this year, so it's also the first Halloween without pumpkin seeds roasted to perfection in my oven. But without the Girl here, there just isn't any Halloween spirit at all. Nobody comes to our house because we live too far up a gigantic hill that is dark, unlit, and very spooky. It isn't worth the effort for a crummy candy bar, I guess. Even from the street behind us people do not venture onto our property. Perhaps it has to do with the 'no trespassing' sign that was posted by our wacky neighbor on the back of our gate. She doesn't like people walking through in front of her yard. She's nuts.

The Boy went out trick or treating with a friend. They're targeting the mansions by Boston College in Chestnut Hill, as rumor has it, the people give out big candy bars. What a coup that will be if the rumors are true.

I've read a lot of people posting about how horrible it is that teenagers go out on Halloween. To which I say, wait till your kids become teens and then pass judgement. I think, frankly, that is is reprehensible to target any age group and say "they aren't ALLOWED to trick or treat" when Halloween clearly is no longer a child's holiday. These judgemental people are the same folks that go to adult parties and dress up in costumes. Anyone see a bit of, oh, maybe stupidity at bitching at teenagers. Some are jerks. Most aren't. Some might do some damage. Most won't. But that isn't any different from younger kids. In fact, I think the worst behaved kids are consistantly those from 10-13, the middle school age. Those kids do a large majority of the pranks and mostly get away with it.

My teens do go out on Halloween. The Girl plans group costumes with all of her friends. This year they were all English school girls, with plaid skirts and black tights and little black jackets with school patches. She had her costume ready weeks ago, and was so sad that she isn't able to go out tonight. Last year they were all devils, and they were adorable.

The Boy has gone army, with camo pants, hoodie, a green t-shirt, and even a camo laptop bag slung across his shoulder. No guns, no weapons at all. I didn't allow it. It might not be the most inventive costume out there, but this is the first time since second grade, when something unpleasant happened with a friend, that he has even ventured out for Halloween. This is a HUGE step for him and the was no way I was going to cite some stupid 'age rule' when there isn't really one, is there.

For the mom that posted that she gives teenagers old rotten candy from under her sink, shame on her. That's dispicable. Not only is it not funny, it's dangerous and mean. I'm sorry, you don't give out old rotten candy because you disapprove of kids over a certain age trick or treating. Get over yourself already. How would YOU feel if your kids came home with rotten candy? You'd be the first one on the phone with the police complaining about how horrible your neighbors were, trying to poison your kid. Shame, shame shame.

Because I promised not to post about that Baseball Team anymore, my halloween post is interspersed with pumpkins that were originally posted here. Enjoy!

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Blogger Karen Rani said...

I always treat the big kids with the same respect I treat the little ones - and we get 100+ kids here so it's busy. I noticed the bigger kids tonight were quick to let the little ones go first and help them down steps etc. It's kinda nice to see that and I'm sure their parents would be proud. I also saw a few parents out with their older ones - which is cool too cuz their doing the family thing.
Sorry your daughter missed out. :(

31/10/07 8:44 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

The pumpkins are great! My oldest trick-or-treated into her teens with friends. They made the effort to dress up, and they did it well. A few kids also offered to take their younger siblings along. They earned their candy, I believe. I never turn down a kid dressed up.

1/11/07 7:33 PM  

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