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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside

Yesterday it was in the 60's when I woke up. Right now it's in the 30's. My educated guess is that Indian Summer has finally crept away and winter has arrived. Damn. I'm not fond of winter. Oh, I like to look at winter. Snow is so pretty from inside your house where it's toasty and warm. But dealing with snow? Wearing all those clothes? Constantly losing gloves? Blech!

However, now that it's cold, I get to wear my all time favorite shoes. You know them, you love to hate them, but I don't give a damn because they're comfortable, warm, and you don't have to wear socks with them. Yup... me loves de'Uggs. Loves them.

And what's not to love? They're furry. They feel like slippers. They come in a variety of colors and styles. Did I mention that they're warm and furry?

Look. Just look. Aren't these adorable? To me they look like those embroidered outfits they wear in Scandanavia. I love them.

These are a bit more subtile, but still give you a certain flair.
Want to look like you're in a Ralph Lauren ad? That's sheepskin on the outside. Love them!

How about these. Totally scream both comfort and warmth. They would look great with skinny jeans or even (God help me) leggings.

Or these? Totally cute with jeans and a nice furry matching vest.
Need a short boot to wear with pants? Or a skirt and nice warm thick tights? How about these? Cute, sharp looking, and again...toasty warm!
How about those days when you around plowing through snowbanks on your way to the post office. You need a shoe to wear inside that's warm, right? Well, these are Uggs, too!
OK, so you hate Uggs. I can handle that. But if you hate them and still live in a snowy climate and want to look fashionable, how about Doc Martins?

They're not warm, they're not furry, but damn they are cute. I love these!

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Blogger Daisy said...

Oh, this post could make me go UG shopping. I need flat shoes (stupid neuroma), and they need to be comfy and good looking. But those Docs? Oh, my, you had me laughing so hard my diet coke nearly came out my nose!

28/11/07 9:35 PM  
Anonymous bethany actually said...

Oh man, the way you describe Uggs makes me want a pair. I LOVE the first ones!

28/11/07 9:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wowzo I havent seen the uggs featured in the first pic. when my daughter comes home im going to show her them and hope I can find them somewhere to buy!major xmas gift material

3/12/07 6:38 PM  

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