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Sunday, November 04, 2007

I tried to avoid it but...

He won. Which means I lost. Damn!

When Borat came out, I wasn't interested in letting my kids see it. Even though part of the movie was filmed in our town, and the people whose house Shasha Baron Cohen invaded acting as Borat, I just didn't think it was appropriate, and I didn't find the antisemitism amusing. I never find antisemitism amusing. I just don't have a sense of humor about the Jews.

But the Boy kept saying how much he wanted to see it, and believe me, anything that keeps him on the sofa and relatively quiet is GOOD these days. It's been a very difficult week. Really difficult.

He's watching it now, and I don't think I've ever heard him laugh so much. With every scene he says "Oh no, Oh NO! Hahahahahaha". So maybe I was wrong.

The Girl is furious with me for limiting her phone calls. Furious. Yesterday after a perfectly nice long visit in the afternoon, she called me in tears pleading with me to allow her to talk to her totally scummy boyfriend and another friend who I have grave doubts about. Other than that, she's allowed to get phone calls. But NO. She wants to ONLY talk to those two, which makes me even stronger in my resolve that these two kids are not good for her to be around.

I tried to talk to her again today, and she was beyond rude. Monosyllabic, she refused to say anything to me, and again hung up on me. Tomorrow will be interesting.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Boy has been asked to stay away from school for a while. He hasn't been suspended or, heaven forbid, expelled. He's just not emotionally able to be in school right now, which has been coming since the Girl left the house. He has seriously decompensated, just as I told everyone he would. He's been horrible at home, and unusual for him, even worse at school.

This means that tomorrow I have to try and weasel his way into a day program nearby. Everyone supporting us, including the school, feels that this is the right thing to do, and so we're going to give it a whirl. He'll still be at home, but in a more protected environment with people more able to deal with him and assess his ability to cope. Because the Girl continues to refuse to see or speak to him, he's having a difficult time understanding his own culpability and no matter how many times I explain it, it's as if I'm speaking ancient Greek. He just doesn't get it.

Yesterday was pretty tough and at one point I thought we might end up with an evaluation at the ER, but today was markedly better. We're still having some issues, but I am dealing with them and he's been more willing to shut up and behave.

We did the biggest grocery shop I've ever done in my life. Last month we were really low on money so by the end of the month we were out of everything, even things like toilet paper and laundry detergent were down to the dregs. Today I replaced everything we were out of, bought pretty much all the food I'll need for Thanksgiving but the turkey, which I'll get for free for spending a small fortune at the grocery store. We're having Thanksgiving dinner at my friend Iris's house, but I'm cooking. This is actually a good thing, as I'm definately a more adventurous cook than Iris, and this means that the Boy will get exactly what he wants for his most favorite meal in the whole world.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I have seen a couple of big posts on how to make a turkey and I had no clue that people made turkey's the way they were shown. I sure don't. I guess I'll do a post about how I make a turkey, which is so markedly different than Rhee's method it's amazing. Though I must say, her gravy looks divine! I do more of an herbed turkey, which comes out tasting absolutely fabulous, like the best turkey you've ever eaten. I make an excellent stuffing with apples and cranberries and chopped pecans. To die for. Plus, when I cook turkey, no butter at all. Not a drop of any dairy products because we keep Kosher. So what I do is different and for many of my readers, unusual. But good! I promise you, it's good!

The usual suspects at our Thanksgiving table are:

  • Herbed Turkey
  • Apple Cranberry Pecan stuffing
  • Sweet Potatoes with mini marshmallows (with pineapple in the potatoes)
  • Cranberry orange relish
  • Fresh cranberry sauce
  • Pumpkin bread
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Oven roasted herbed yukon gold potatoes
  • Apple Pie
  • Pumpkin Pie

I start cooking a few days before, making stuff in the same order I always have. Cranberry Sauces, Pies, Pumpkin Bread, done before, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and veggies done that day. With the Girl's attitude at an all time low, I don't know if she's going to be home for Thanksgiving. I highly doubt she can keep up this pissy facade for long, but she's pretty darn angry right now. So who knows?

What special stuff are you doing for Thanksgiving?

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Blogger Dave2 said...

Sasha Baron Cohen is Jewish. I guess if you can't make fun of yourself, who can you make fun of?

Personally, I thought the movie made the anti-Semitic characters seem extremely stupid, which is what was so humorous about it.

4/11/07 7:59 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

good luck with Boy. I'm glad to hear that school is working with you, not against you. It takes a lot of energy to deal with one needy teen, much less two.

4/11/07 9:58 PM  
Anonymous bethany actually said...

I am looking forward to hearing how you cook a Thanksgiving turkey! I have cooked at least a half-dozen turkeys over the years, at least five different ways. But the way I like best involves oranges and apples and copious amounts of fresh sage.

To answer your question, for Thanksgiving this year, we are going to my hometown where I am an attendant in one of my oldest friend's wedding and Annalie is the flower girl.

5/11/07 4:53 AM  
Anonymous Neener said...

I'm sad to hear the angst is still at a high pitch at your house. It tears my heart to hear how tied in the Boy and the Girl are to each other's tsuris.

Your Thanksgiving feast sounds delish. I'll post my favorite brussels sprouts variations on my site...it wouldn't be TG without BS.
Thanks for the nice words of support. I'm not all that remarkable, and pretty darn fortunate actually.

5/11/07 10:03 AM  
Anonymous supertiff said...

i th ink the important thing to remember about cohen is this: his entire point is to point out how easily mainstream america can be engaged in anti-(insert group of choice here) behavior. it all started when he did the ali g thing, in england, to point out how little respect the people who run 'our world' have for 'our youth.'

i have to say, i really REALLY admire cohen. at the same time, i have to say this: i felt really squeeged out by most of the borat movie. there were funny parts, but there were also parts that couldn't be described as anything but sad, simply because they portrayed the more distasteful aspects of humanity.

i would seriously recommend checking out some of the original HBO episodes. in those, you get brief snippets of all his characters, and a much better idea of what his main point is.

hint: it's not anti-semitism. it's pointing out how quickly people can be engaged in those types of behaviors.

and, you know?
i never EVER do this, because i think it's incredibly tacky...but i'm going to link to something i wrote about cohen a while back, just in case you find the time or the interest to check it out...
just click here.

5/11/07 10:21 AM  

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