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Sunday, November 04, 2007

ICE agents go way too far

I am not a fan of the Immigation services. After the winter raid last year on a factory in MA, where they detained and moved all persons without 'papers' without any regard to their children or family members, I've had a serious hate for the ICE agents of Homeland Security. It was absolutely appalling that children were left alone, came home after school to no parents, because ICE took their parents out of the state without even thinking about the welfare of the children. Thank you very very much Mitt the Pitt Romney, for refusing to intervene even though there were children's lives at stake. Let's hear it for that family friendly Republican asshole.

Now, ICE are patrolling the court houses in MA, asking for documentation for anyone asking for an interpreter. I'm sorry, but this is beyond insane. What judge would allow them to troll inside the courthouses for people to detain or deport? WHY is this happening? When did it become illegal to not be able to speak fluent English? When did the ICE agents supercede the rights of humanity?

If it's happening here in Massachusetts, you know it's happening all over the USA. This is wrong. This just defies any possibly understanding. Every attorney should immediately advise their client to refuse to speak to anyone that identifies themselves as a Fed. Asking for an interpreter is a basic right in the USA. That the government has targeted people that do not speak English fluently enough to understand court proceedings is flat out racial profiling. It's wrong. It angers me beyond belief. People come to this country to better themselves, to work, to care for their children and offer them a better life. Targeting them for their inability to speak English boggles my mind. Plenty of people are born in the USA and barely speak English. Look at Manny Ramarez. He's a great baseball player, but his English skills are marginal, especially since he was born in NYC and attended schools in NY through high school. Would ICE target Manny?

I haven't yet announced who I am supporting for President. It's been a difficult choice for me, because although I like someone very much, I don't think he has a chance against the Hillary machine. But I know that John Edwards would be just as outraged as I am about this type of government interference in the personal lives of residents of the USA. Edwards doesn't believe that the poor should be targeted. He doesn't believe that to be poor is to be a lesser citizen. He doesn't believe that people coming to this country to better themselves are considered detrimental to the country. Which is why I'm supporting him.

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Blogger Daisy said...

I have several students -- about a third of my class, in fact -- who come from home where spanish is the first language. There are a lot of wonderful families around here who are still learning the language.

4/11/07 9:56 PM  

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