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Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm paper challenged

Before we even start on my whinge of the day, you must go right this second to Quinn's blog and read this post. Now. Not later, NOW. I'll wait. dum de dum de dummm dummmmmmm.

Oh, you're back? Well howdy, pardner. And wasn't that just a fine post to get you into the "enough with the crap' holiday spirit? I think Quinn should win awards for that one. She's brilliant. If you don't read her, start now. I love her. And to think I used to watch her as a child star on TV and think that she was just the kind of kid I wanted, smart, snotty, and a tad bit devious. Heh... I was a moron, ok?

So anyhow, today the Girl started looking for something I had slipped into an envelope weeks ago in order to keep it 'safe'. You all know where this is going, right? Anything that you need to keep 'safe' is going to get lost immediately. I mean what are the odds that you'll keep that envelope right where you put it, safe and sound? In our house, about 95:1.

Poor kid was looking for the envelope for a really long time. Why? Because I'm paper challenged. I pile papers everywhere. I mean ever-freaking-where. I have a pile to the right of the desk. A pile to the left of the desk. A pile atop the monitor. A pile on the big box below the desk. A big box that is crammed full of paper. Another pile on the coffee table. And one on the side table. One on the sideboard. One next to my bed. One on top of my TV. I am hopeless. I can't seem to get rid of all the paper. There are days when I honestly wish my house would catch fire so all the paper would just go away.

I'm not a hoarder. No, really I'm not. I'm just paper challenged. I can't seem to go through my mail and throw stuff out. I save old bills for NO reason other than I do. Until I get pissed off and toss them. Of course, the second I toss anything, I need it. I can't throw out anything like a user manual that comes with an appliance. I keep them all, even for stuff like the vacuum I recently bought. Why? I don't KNOW WHY. I know how to run a vacuum. I don't need the manual, but I can't throw it out. Because I am paper challenged.

Part of the problem is, having special needs kids means a huge amount of paper. Tests, reports, school crap, IEPs, blah blah blah.... it's paper everywhere. Whole piles of papers that I have to keep. Medical records. School records. Psych records. You name it, my kids have it, and it all needs to be saved. By me. A paper whore.

I know it's time for a cleanout. I just did it like a week ago, and it's time again. I'll toss stuff, but it breeds. The catalogs are coming fast and furious and I have to at least look at them, right? We get a lot of magazines (all free...ask me how) here, and I have trouble tossing them all. I do eventually, but it's hard. I recycle as many as I can, but they come faster than I can get to the library to get rid of them.

I want people to stop sending me paper. Just stop it. Give it to me digitally or not at all. But stop killing trees to drown me in paper, please.

No, she didn't ever find the envelope. I'm not surprised.

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Blogger Daisy said...

We've forced ourselves into a simple organizational structure. Part of that is keeping one (1!) folder for this year's schedule and IEP and BIP, etc., and the rest either goes into the to-do tray, the annual file, or the recycling/shredder. It took years to reach this point, but I'm so glad we did.

25/11/07 9:21 PM  

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