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Friday, November 23, 2007

Nary a Leftover in Sight

This is a first. It has never ever happened before. But it did today. We had ten people for dinner. All teenagers or adults. I made a 14 lb turkey, a huge platter of stuffing, sweet potatoes, 2 cranberry sauces and two pies. We also had green beans (no casserole, just the beans), broccoli, roasted potatos, tzimmes, 2 more cranberry sauces, some kind of mushrooms, and brownies. Now that seems like a lot of food, doesn't it?

There was nothing left. Sweet potatoes gone. Turkey picked down to the carcass. Veggies gone. One little bit of apple pie and a couple of brownies left over. Otherwise, food was gone. The weird thing? Nobody was stuffed. We ate, no doubt about it, but it was all so good and such a nice mix of healthy to unhealthy that without overeating we totally demolished the dinner. Oh, it was so good, too. The turkey was perfect, the pecan pie was to die for, the sweet potato casserole was such a hit there wasn't even a hint left over to pick at.

I'm going to do it all over again on Saturday. Oh, maybe not SO much food, but a couple of pies, a turkey, stuffing, and another sweet potato casserole. The Boy wants to have friends over. So again with the no leftovers!

How was your holiday?

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Blogger JaniceNW said...

Sounds like a most excellent dinner and experience. You sound happy and I haven't heard that lately. I'm glad it went well.

We were going fine until Keenan and Riley over some idiotic car fact. Geo got in a few nasty, the comments were nasty, his tone of voice was.

I think my boys hate each other. I hated my older brother at his age so I can understand.

23/11/07 2:07 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Janice, my kids hate each other too. Hate with a capital H. But they mostly got along today, and for that I'm thankful. They man of the house where we ate was very 'off' and lost his shizzle several times. I mean, way off the deep end reactions to his daughter teasing him. The whole table was telling him to chill, but he just couldn't. He went off at his wife, he didn't do a damn thing to help her clean up, etc. So even though it wasn't MY family, we got the family drama in a big way, too.

Holidays.... they sure bring out the worst in families, don't they?

23/11/07 2:47 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Yum. If I ever get this year's feast cleaned up, I might consider doing it again. By the way, I've tagged you with a meme. If you're interested, stop by Compost Happens for the details.

23/11/07 12:14 PM  

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