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Friday, December 14, 2007

A foot of snow and a pound of coffee

In case you're living in a cave and didn't catch the news, we got socked with quite the snow storm yesterday. We only got a foot of snow here (ONLY!) but for some bizarre reason the Commonwealth acted like we're living in Atlanta or something and totally blew the entire snow removal situation leaving the entire Boston area in one huge traffic jam. It took the Boy from 1 pm to 2:45 pm to get home from his program which is less than 2 miles from home. From what other people are reporting, he was lucky. The kids in Boston, who were released at the regular time, were on the school bus for hours, some not getting home until after 6 pm. You gotta wonder how many kids went berserk on those buses. The only positive note is the the Governor was also stuck in traffic, taking over 3 hours to get from the State House to Milton. I bet the driver heard quite a mouthful.

Look! French Toast in the Storm.

The entire state was cancelled last night, everyone leaving work about 1 pm, which was the major part of the traffic nightmare. Only our city had a full day of school because we NEVER call school off. All the surrounding towns let the kids out early, but not our city. We hate our superintendent. The Girl walked home from school, realizing that she would get home much faster than catching a ride. She came into the house looking just like a snowman. It was snowing so hard it actually accumulated on her. Poor kid was soaked.

Traffic at a standstill on Storrow Drive yesterday afternoon

The plows came sometime this morning and dug us out, so the driveway is cleared and the walks are shoveled. It's so pretty out, a virtual winter wonderland. And guess what? We've got another storm coming on Saturday night. Wheee!

Boston Common and the Christmas lights during the storm. Pretty!

One of the things I really wanted for Hanukkah was a new coffee grinder. My old one was so ancient that it really wasn't working anymore and I had to, gulp, buy pre-ground coffee. In my opinion, even the better brands of pre-ground coffee don't taste as good as freshly ground beans, and since coffee is just about my one vice I still maintain, I'm going for the gusto. I got a new Braun grinder and bought myself some nice french roast organic beans at Trader Joes and now I'm happy as the virtual clam with my big cuppa joe.

There is just nothing more pleasing to me than drinking hot fresh coffee. I'm sort of a coffee snob. I'm not one of those Starbucks half-caf half-decaf soy no whip mocha latte with a splash of vanilla people. Never have been. I don't even like Starbucks that much. I like Peets a lot better. But I've found that I can make myself a good, satisfying cup of coffee for a fraction of the price (obviously) at home with just a few accoutrement's. The coffee grinder is an absolute necessity. If you don't have one and love coffee, get one. You won't believe the difference.

I only use a Bodum French Press coffee maker. No Mr Coffee for this girl. I like the deep dark taste of strong coffee, and it like it HOT. The French Press allows you to control the amount of coffee you brew, keeps in the essential oils and a bit of the "botz" at the bottom, similar to Turkish coffee. It uses no paper filters, saving trees and eliminating that chemical taste, and best of all, you can keep it hot by drinking only the amount you make and not having left over coffee sitting and burning in an electric coffee maker. French Press coffee saves energy, paper, and tastes better. How can you beat that?

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Blogger Daisy said...

I'm almost -- almost! -- envious of your storm. Our school system is like yours, though. Our new superintendent doesn't believe in snow days. I'm going to be teaching through any kind of weather imaginable.

14/12/07 8:44 PM  
Blogger Lynn said...

I don't quite understand how Mayor Menino and Sec. of State Bill Galvin don't understand the problem with yesterdays storm.
Everyone on roads, snow falling 2" per hour means plows/sanders can't clear snow. And all that traffic compresses snow into ice making it more difficult to remove.
I mean isn't it common sense? If you tried to shovel a walkway with a steady stream of people filling the walkway constantly you'd have the same scenerio. Duh!

14/12/07 8:50 PM  
Blogger moon said...

WE got hit last week here in Montreal with 35 centimetres at once, and we should be getting the same storm this weekend also...
I'm happy u got yourself a new coffee grinder, I am not to particular about coffe myself, I enjoy instant...Don't GASP! lol...but I do buy an expensive kind lol.

14/12/07 11:48 PM  

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