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Friday, December 07, 2007

I wasn't even invited!

I had a doctor's appointment at the Brigham this afternoon. When I arrived 20 minutes early, I was planning to get a nice large hot cup of coffee at the little coffee cart and sit and read the paper. But to my surprise there was a huge reception being held in the lobby, and they had taken away most of the comfy chairs. I looked around for a place to sit, and all there was were the few seats reserved for the poor souls who have to wait for their prescriptions from the pharmacy. They might be there all afternoon, so taking one of their seats isn't really a nice thing to do. I pulled up a wheelchair and plopped myself down in it and started to read the paper.

The noise level in the lobby was deafening. There were hundreds of people who apparently were invited to this fete and standing around and chatting. Nice friendly greetings, hugs, air kisses, firm handshakes, and lots of chit chat. I couldn't concentrate on the paper with that amount of noise so of course I entertained myself by people watching. It was an interesting and ecclectic mix of people. I assume most were doctors and administrators, but I don't honestly know for sure. What I do know is that the caterers arrived with delicious smelling snacks for the invitees. The rest of us poor shlubs just watched as they all partook of drinks and hors de overes while we sat and waiting for our appointments.

I got up and left because I was hungry and the whole scene was ticking me off. I'm of the opinion that the hospital is for the patients. Those that work there have their holiday parties by department starting in early December, and those parties are out of the way of the general public. But this 'do' was not only in the patients faces, but it was so crowded that patients could barely get in the door. I thought the whole thing was weird.

Went to my appointment where we discussed my defribullator, which I learned actually went off during the night in September. I had no idea. We also talked about how the lead wire in my particular model is the one being recalled (lucky me) and why there is a 97% chance that nothing will ever go wrong with it, but the doctor reset it so it can be monitored more carefully. I also have to send in a report monthly instead of every 6 months, so I'll be using my little modem machine much more often. Plus, they set it to test daily at noontime with a little beep beep noise. It's only supposed to be audible to me, but how weird is that, knowing that your body will be beeping like an alarm clock every day at noon? Cracked me right up.

The party was just ending as I left my appointment, and I had to wait another half hour for my ride, so I did a bit more people watching. There were a lot of excellent balloons in bunches that everyone seemingly abandoned and I was dying to bring a bunch home, but couldn't find anyone to ask. I'm not that bold as to just walk out with a bunch on my own. I wish I were, but I'm not.

When my ride arrived, I got outside and it was snowing. Again. I already hate winter and it hasn't even arrived yet.

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Blogger Rhiannon said...

I work in a large building in which, we, the convention and visitors bureau are a tiny tenant. Anyway, the manor tenant in the building LOVES LOVES to tell us they're having a party in the common area that is ONLY for their employees.

Which, is rude, in my opinion. And, also, just for good measure, their receptionist eats lunch in the ladies room. That's all.

7/12/07 11:02 PM  
Blogger madamspud169 said...

I'm an expert at balloon stealing all you have to do is look "crazy" and talk to yourself. People will be too worried you'll make a scene to stop you. Arguing with yourself works really well.

8/12/07 5:59 AM  

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