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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Most confusing game show ever: Duel

I like game shows. It's a dirty little secret I carry. I'm more on the intellectual game show level. I like Millionaire and Jeopardy. OK, I LOVE Jeopardy. I could watch it every freaking day, 8 hours a day, and never get tired of it. Alex Trebek is no Art Flemming, but no matter, it's a great show and I learn a lot from it. Plus, I'm freaking good. I mean, really impressively good. I have that kind of mind.

I'm not such a big fan of those game shows that require more luck than knowledge. I think Howie Mandel is creepy and those suitcase models don't do it for me. Deal or No Deal is all about greed, and I don't really relate. No talent is required. Just innate greed. And I've mentioned how creepy Howie Mandel has become since is groundbreaking role in St. Elsewhere, a show I believe was one of the best TV shows ever.

Last night a new game show was introduced to America. It's one of those week-long spectaculars, like Millionaire was when it first came on with Regis and his monochromatic suits, shirts and tie ensemble. Millionaire was easy to follow. You picked the correct multiple choice answer to a question, you won money and moved up a level. Even a moron could follow it, which is why it was so popular.

This new show, Duel, was not easy to follow. In fact, it was near impossible to get all the rules down. So much so that we as a family gave up and turned it off. And we LIKE game shows. I wish I could describe the gist of the show, but I'm not sure I'd be right. It seemed to be 24 people who could duel against each other in answering trivia questions. A person was picked, and that person had to choose between three other people introduced to her, as the one she wanted to duel. Then they would answer questions, but it wasn't the one that got the correct answer that one, they each had an answer and then they had to figure out if the other person was right or wrong. I think. I'm really not sure. Because there's something about poker chips and poker involved in the game. And I missed that part completely.

According to ABC, this how to play:

"In a cutting edge format - combining trivia challenges like those on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with the strategy played in the World Series of Poker -- 24 contestants are given the chance to duel against one another in a mental and intellectual showdown all leading to one of them taking home a jackpot of over one millions dollars.

Here's how to play:
  • Players begin each duel with 10 chips valued at $5,000 each.

  • A multiple choice question is asked. Players use their chips to cover one of more of the choices depending on how confident he/she is in his/her answer.

  • Chips placed on wrong answers are collected by the house and added to an escalating jackpot.

  • At any point in the game, if a player does not cover the correct answer OR loses all his/her chips, the duel is over.

  • After a player wins a duel, that player chooses the next contestant to play.

  • The top four players from the first five nights of DUEL (Monday, December 17th - Friday, December 21st 8/7c) qualify for the winner-take-all finals on Sunday, December 23rd 8/7c.
This intense, face-to-face showdown will require nerves of steel and a cunning strategy to win. In Duel, one person is guaranteed to become the final winner."

Poker and trivia combined? I guess so. Whatever. I always thought the point of the game show was to play along and to get all psyched when the contestant gets up into the higher levels. This game doesn't seem to play along those lines at all. Which, to me, says the game sucks.

I hated it. My kids hated it. We lost interest within 15 minutes. Did anyone else even try to watch it? Because if you were tempted, don't bother. It sucked really hairy donkey balls. According to the message boards on ABC regarding the show, I'm not alone in thinking this.

Please writers, solve your strike soon. I'm just sayin'.

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Blogger Daisy said...

I enjoy Jeopardy, but I can't audition because my husband works in television. There is some connection that makes us ineligible. Maybe when he retires...

18/12/07 10:29 PM  
Blogger scribbler said...

Maybe this game show is lame, but you would love Wits and Wagers, and it sounds sort of like that.


19/12/07 6:51 PM  

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