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Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Now get up and bake!"

The Boy, who is perpetually hungry, just admonished me to "Get up and bake!" because I haven't done anything all day. Heh! He's a laugh riot, that one.

Actually, he's right. I've spent much of the day reading cookie cookbooks. I wish I wish I wish the baking fairies would come over and bake all these cookies for me. I'd so much rather just eat them without doing so much work. I'm freaking lazy. I want cookies now. Instant gratification. And I'm always wondering why the Boy is so demanding. Hello Mirror, I'm Margalit the Lazy.

So I'm getting up to bake. We have 11 sticks of butter, a full gallon of milk, 2 dozen eggs, about 5 lbs of flour, plenty of every kind of sugar, dark chocolate, white chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, raisins, oatmeal and peanut butter. We've got many different flavorings, lemons and oranges for zest. We're prepared. We're ready. We're so not into actually DOING it.

Today, when I was catching up on my blog reading, which is taking about 1/10th the time as normal since nobody is posting except the Joos, I read everything in about 25 minutes. Thank God for the Joos or I would be totally out of reading material and would absolutely HAVE to make the cookies. One of the blogs I read, A Mother in Israel, asked a question that had me frothing at the mouth. She asked Do your Kids Care if Your House is Dirty?

As if! My kids MAKE my house a seething cesspool of filth and disorder. Do they want to have a clean house? They're totally blind to the mess they make. When I tell them to put things away, they're mystified as to my wrath. They would live and total squalor and be perfectly happy. I just want to know what kind of kid doesn't like a dirty house? What kid ever notices? Maybe it's only my kids, but I highly doubt it, that are such pigs. Their rooms are disgusting. They leave stuff everywhere. If there is something eaten, the packaging sits exactly where they left it until I go ballistic.

I hate that my house is a mess. I hate it with every fibre of my being. I cannot stand the clutter, the mess, the filth. I hate it. But I can't keep up with it, and I can't get reliable help. My cleaning lady didn't show this past week. No phone call, she just didn't show. I like her. She's fairly good. But it would take a team from Merry Maids a week to get this house in order, and the minute they left, it would be a mess again. When my cleaning lady leaves and the house is in order, it doesn't take more than a half hour of both kids being home before it's in disarray again. They're THAT bad.

So how about it, faithful readers? Do your kids like having a clean house? Do they even notice? Are they embarassed by your mess? Heh heh.

OK. OK, I'm getting up. It's baking time in the suburbs.

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Blogger daysgoby said...

Happy Holidays, you crazy cookie baker, you!

23/12/07 10:22 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

You're so right on all counts. I'm baking now (I actually enjoy the process, and my eldest joins in). My "kids" at 15 and 21 have gotten better at cleaning: the 15-yr-old because he's blind, and he trips on things that aren't put away, and the 21-yr-old because she's lived in a dorm for a couple of years and recognizes the value of sanitation. Finally.
Oh, well, I'm off to clean the bunny cage. They haven't gotten that far yet. Darn.

24/12/07 10:44 AM  
Blogger madamspud169 said...

My house is always a mess and / or untidy and none of them see it but me. I see the toilet needs cleaning, dirty pots & pans, wrapping everywhere and they see....... the tv or playstation.

It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't disabled & unable to stand & do it myself but I get so dizzy and weak I can't.
The mess & muck builds up & builds up until I start crying because of it & only then will they help & make a half assed approach at tidying.

I NEED a cleaner lol

24/12/07 1:10 PM  

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