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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ta Da!

Another year, another holiday season. Oh my Gawd, did you know that Hanukkah starts on Tuesday night? TUESDAY people! So not ready. SO NOT READY. I don't even have sour cream or applesauce in the house. I'm a bad bad Jew.

Of course, another holiday season means the annual Amazon Wish List. Tonight mine appeared on the left sidebar for the first time. OK, I'm not only a bad Jew, I'm late late late. I know I should have gotten this up earlier, but then again, who expects Hanukkah to start on the 4th of December. Dumb Jewish calendar. It does not work well with disorganized Jewish mothers, apparently. Am I alone here in being shocked that Hanukkah is creeping up so fast?

Anyhow.... on this year's wish list are a bazillion books that I want to read. Shocking, I know! Books, the absolutely perfect gift for me. I even like them used. As long as I can read them, I'm a happy camper.

I've also put some kitchen stuff on there, because as we know, I'm a kitchen whore. Thank you Neener for gifting me with that nickname. Heh. There are also some games that we don't have that the kids want, a few DVDs requested by the girl, and some jewelery (why is it that you can spell that 2 ways and spell check doesn't care?). She also wants Uggs and a new North Face jacket. In fact, she ONLY wants a North Face Jacket above all other things. Me, I keep telling her to get a job, and damn if she didn't walk up and down the retail street nearby applying for jobs. That kid REALLY wants that jacket. She might have a job at Kay-Bee toys, which would be oh so convenient for her location wise, and all you people with little bambinis... discount! I highly doubt there is anything in that store we want, as even when the kids were little I never shopped there. But then again, I've always been a serious toy snob and never bought Fisher Price crap for my kids, even before the China recalls. I just didn't want that stuff in the house. Snobby, eh?

The Boy, being absent tonight when the list went up (he's sleeping over a friend's so I can have a night of peace and quiet), hasn't put his imprint on it yet, but he did want those Apple to Apple games, and he's also requested both Boggle and Clue. I'm sure he wants some horrible video game and a new XBox 360 as well, but then again, get a frigging job! I no buy XBox. I think it's against my religion.

If you're feeling generous and want to gift my little family with something nice, now you know what we like. We also love Sees Candy, but we do not NEED it. We just like it. A lot. Oink oink.

Oh, I'd also like these. They're on sale at Nordstrom. Not that they come in my size or anything, but I want them anyways. To me, these are a work of art. Doncha just love that peace sign buckle. Classic!

I absolutely NEED this set. I must have it. MUST. My current duvet cover has a huge purple splotch on it were a certain girl I know left a marker. It soaked through the duvet cover onto my duvet, which is a really nice down comforter given to me by the mom of an ex-boyfriend. I love the comforter, but it absolutely NEEDS a dark comforter cover. One that goes with my room. One that will make me smile every time I walk into my teeny tiny bedroom. Because I'm a moron and let my kids both have the bigger bedrooms, even though MY bed is twice the size of their beds. Yet another choice I've regretted because I'm a total sap.

This set is on sale right now for a paltry sum at Overstock.com. Paltry. Almost free. You know you want to buy it for me to put a nice bright smile on my face every morning, guaranteed! OK, I'm a big fat liar. But I LOOOOOOOVE it. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed it. I will whine until it is on my comforter because I'm a baby. Wah.

Don't forget. If you're shopping at Amazon, click through my banner ad on the left sidebar. Every click and purchase you make will be providing hats, gloves, and scarves for the local homeless shelter. This shelter houses women and children who are from violent homes and have been 'rescued' from their batterers. They often leave their homes with absolutely nothing, so hats, gloves, and scarves are very welcome gifts. Every time you visit Amazon and make a purchase, you're helping a battered woman and her family. So shop shop shop, but do it through my blog.

Me loves you!

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Blogger Robin said...

Oh wow, that set would look absolutely fabulous on my bed! Shipping would kill me, but I'd look great when they found me, right?

2/12/07 5:59 AM  
Blogger Shash said...

can't find that set on Overstock, please e me a link and your bed size. You know, so I can tell Santa. Also, you wish list takes me to the main page of Amazon. Help a sista out, wouldja? :)


2/12/07 7:20 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

I love that you want people to shop through your blog -- to help someone else. I hope your children's Hanukkah gifts are simply MIA and arrive soon.

2/12/07 10:30 PM  

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