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Monday, December 24, 2007

Those Celtic Women are CREEPY!

I am not a fan of the Celtic Women. That's putting it mildly. They creep the hell out of me. I have no clue who put them together as a PBS begging special that you cannot get rid of, but honestly, how do those women make money for PBS? They are just, ew. Their creepy faces that look like they've imbibed a bit too much of the Irish Whiskey before they went on stage. And the botox! How do they sing when they can barely move their faces?

Plus, who the hell designed their costumes. It's like prom gone wrong! The pastel colors, the poor fits, the horrid designs. And their hair. Have they no salons in Ireland? Could they not find a stylist to help them find a better look than parted down the middle and straight down your back?

What about the leaping fiddler woman? Is she just downright bizarre or what? Can she not just play the damn fiddle without playing Bambi's mom on steroids? Watch her leap around the stage prancing like a new foal! Watch her toss her head while she fiddles and jumps. She's just the epitome of creepy.

The Boy particularly loathes the drummer, the guy that plays the huge gong-type drum. The Boy goes absolutely apeshit whenever he sees that drummer guy, especially since he likes to wear a leather vest with no shirt under it. According to the Boy, that's actually obscene. I kinda agree.

Now, I live in about an Irish a city as you can outside of Ireland. We're the land of the O'Mally, O'Reilly, O'Toole and O'possum (ok, I made that one up). Every other kid is a Sean, a Padraig, or a Molly. You've never seen more Catholic churches outside of Ireland. We've even got one church that we call Our Lady of the Quanset Hut because it's made like a half an easter egg with a green metal roof. It's delightfully hideous. Every freaking politician in Boston is Irish. Oh, the Governor is our token non-Irish politician, but everyone else.... from the oulde sod.

So I can understand that when our PBS stations need to beg for money, they're gonna use what they think the population wants. Bring on the Irish music! But honestly, I think most of Boston is a bit more culturally mature than that. We like Irish punk music here. But those creepy Celtic women? Not so much.

I say "Enough" of the creepy Celtic women. If we need to watch begging specials, lets try something new and different. Like decent programming.

Oh, and get rid of the Dutch guy, too. He's almost as annoying.

What does your PBS station beg with?

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Blogger daysgoby said...

Oh, the big-ass Barbie-doll women?


24/12/07 9:37 AM  
Blogger Dave2 said...

Uhhh... but do they sing okay if you don't look at them?

24/12/07 9:53 AM  
Blogger margalit said...


No, they don't. They're like Karo syrup. You know it's gonna be sweet but you don't know HOW sweet sweet is until you've seen it. Ditto for the Celtic women. They sound like they're drowning in Karo syrup.

24/12/07 5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, could you perhaps define what you mean by this empty catch-all word "creepy"? It seems about as precise as saying that something "sucks" or that someone is "a fag", etc., and is about as incisive a critique as spitting on something. It's not much of a musical analysis. So, "creepy"-- what do you actually mean, please?

1/1/08 6:12 PM  

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