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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tushies Here Tushies There, Tushies EVERYWHERE

Ah college. Remember those carefree days when your parents imagined you were studying hard and working towards becoming an adult when in actuality you were smoking dope, drinking whatever came your way, and experimenting with anything else bad you could find? All while maintaining that ever-so-important B average so you could get into grad school? For me, college was a total blast. I loved it. LOVED it. I didn't go right after high school, I traveled through Europe and the Middle East for a year and grew up a lot. As a sullen high schooler I had no interest in college. By the time I started, I was very very ready and my freshman year I got a 4.0. This from a girl who graduated at the bottom quarter of her high school class with an amazing 1.9 GPA. Oh, and an average of 60 days absent per year. Yeah... I wasn't exactly the teen most likely to succeed.

But when I got to Boulder, Colorado, where I went to college, I was so freaking ready for fun. I loved learning, I still do, but let's face it, college is where you do things you'll never ever do again. Since I was in college during the tumultuous 70's, I did things like sit in an outdoor lecture topless. Why the boys were doing it, so why shouldn't the girls. Like THAT would ever happen again. I think not. And I did a bout of streaking. Streaking came of age when I was in college and it was undeniably fun.

Here in the Boston area, Tufts University has an amazing yearly Naked Run. I've never witnessed it, being an old fart and not having a thing to do with the Tufts community, but I've heard about it. This year the Somerville Journal recorded the run and put it up on YouTube. So come with me and relive those crazy college days when running through campus stark naked seemed to make sense. And the alcohol flowed freely to warm your tushie as you ran.

Admit it, this is awesome! I'm actually a little bit jealous that I can't join in the fun, but let's face it...nobody wants to see a fatty 55 year old with flat boobs and a jiggly (albeit tiny) butt running by. But I can live vicariously, right. Pass that keg, please.

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