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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Can you explain the point of neckties?

This morning I was lazily watching PBS political programming for hours. It was one white guy after another talking about the candidates, talking to the candidates, talking talking and more talking. After a while I started to notice that the white men all were wearing the same outfit, the light blue shirt, red tie, dark suit look. Very innovative. God, men's clothing is boring.

After hours of this I started wondering what the point of a necktie actually is in this day and age. They used to be much wider and were used as sort of a napkin to keep the men's shirts clean. They were more like scarves than neckties.

But now, really, what is the point? They're so expensive, they do absolutely nothing, they look uncomfortable as hell, and most of the time they're just silly looking. Who thinks a big knot around the neck is attractive, anyhow? Especially on little boys, they're just ridiculous.

When the Boy was little, he used to have these funny little zipper ties to wear to synagogue. They were really cool because you didn't have to tie them, they came pre-tied and you just put them around his neck and zipped it up. They were one step above clip-on ties, but they were still bizarre. The thing is, the Boy loved to wear those ties. He felt so grown up and sophisticated at 3. Now, I couldn't get him to put on a tie for love or money. He has a suit and nice shirts and stuff, but ties? No Way!

So when do men decide that they'll bend to the will of men's fashion and decide to start collecting $60 pieces of silk to strangle them? And when do men rise up and say, "No More!" I mean, there is no way women would wear the same fashion item for hundreds of years without a rebellion. So what is it with male fashion that keeps men from protesting?

And finally, why do politicians insist on wearing red ties? Do they actually buy the whole Power Tie thing? Do they have stylists?

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Blogger Leon said...

The better to choke them with? Well, when you listen to some of their drivel, isn't that what you want to do? :-)

6/1/08 3:05 PM  
Blogger Eliyahu said...

As someone who wears ties on a daily basis... While they're clearly not an absolute necessity, they do add a bit of color and dash to an otherwise rather boring suit. Let's face it -- men's suits tend to be black, grey, dark blue, olive green, or some other earth tone, and they generally cry out for a bit of color to liven up the suit and the wearer. I'm wearing a dark grey Oxxford cashmere suit right now ($4 thrift store find -- no way am I spending the $3700 they want for it at the clothing store), but it still needs a nice silk tie to make it stand out.

25/1/08 2:09 PM  

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