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Thursday, January 03, 2008

The disease has conquered me

First the Boy had a light case of it a couple of weeks back. Then the Girl got a stronger case of it during vacation. Now I have it. The disease with no name. The disease that strikes you down and makes you want to crawl back into your bed, stick your head under the covers, and hide out for a month or two.

My voice was gone this morning, and has now returned in a gravely reproduction of what I usually sound like. As a non-smoker of lifelong standing, I now sound like a Holiday Inn chanteuse that goes through a carton of Marlboro reds in less than a week. I even have the matching smokers cough.

This afternoon I got the chills, which means that I'm going to break out in fever any second now. Fun! I have too much to do to be sick, which is par for the course. I'll get through it all, and I'll be fine in a week or so, but today I feel like complete crap. Of course, it's right at the beginning of Blog 365, and I've got plenty of new folks stopping by from there, the Bostonist, and Works for Me Wednesday. Nice! And welcome to the 'bitch and moan constantly because I absolutely hate being sick' blog.

The highlight of the entire day was the return of Wife Swap and Supernanny. Wife Swap was, as usual, scarily bizarre. Where on earth do they FIND these families? There was a family with only one child who they raised as a 'sparkle' princess. She was one of those pagent babies that was now a freshman in high school, had never done anything but be pretty, and her parents entire life revolved around spoiling her rotten. Her mother did all her homework and projects, they had a Christmas tree up year round and had a present for the kid every day because "she deserves it", and best of all, never required the kid to do anything on her own, including but not limited to cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc. The other family were ardent feminists with 3 daughters being homeschooled in feminist dogma that the parents admitted was pure propaganda. Both families had horrible fathers, as usual, and there seemed to be little learned by the swap.

I fell asleep during the first episode of Supernanny so I missed most of it, and woke up in the middle of the second episode, so I really can't comment on either episode, but I was good to see Jo Frost again. I think she's a total riot. I love the way she rolls her eyes and purses her lips when she's seen something particularly odious perpetrated by some horrid toddler. Again, where do they FIND these families?

Nice to see Letterman back on the air, even with the full beard that makes him look way older than his 61 years. If I can manage it, I'll stay up to see Craig, and then it's off to bed...again.

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Anonymous bethany actually said...

DOH! I missed Supernanny! I will have to set the DVR to catch it next week. You know, I love my DVR, but it's made me completely ignorant of all TV schedules. (No, I am not really complaining about a luxury item. Just stating a sad fact about my brain.)

3/1/08 3:38 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

I have this vivid memory from several years ago (if you can call a sick day vivid) of being home and napping on the couch watching CNN . When I woke up, I realized BAghdad had fallen and the soldiers had knocked down a big statue of Saddam. I was happy to be watching because I thought it was the beginning of the end.

3/1/08 9:03 PM  

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