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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Free Kid, no questions

I swear it, my level of stress hasn't been this high in about 2 years. My son, that child from my loins, is about to find himself out on the sidewalk if he does not shape up. It's not his crazy right now, that's pretty much doing well. It's his ATTITUDE as a teenager, the attitude where he knows everything, runs the household like it's his, barks orders, corrects every word that comes out of my mouth, and is just so unbearable that I want to slit his throat. Today I actually walked out of family therapy because he was so obnoxious, rude, and controlling that I couldn't take anymore. Every time I tried to utter a sentence he interrupted and the correct me. He argues constantly. He cannot ever just accept someone elses statements without topping it off with his own commentary.

I swear it, I just can't stand him right now.

And his sister is very needy for a variety of reasons and she's asking me for things I just can't do at this very moment. She's not being unreasonable, she just wants to talk something to death and I can't stand one more second of the conversation. I have nothing else to add to it, but she keeps asking for more and more and more and I don't KNOW any more right now. I just don't. I will next week. But not until next week.

My headache is killing me, I feel like utter shit, I have to finish baking the last batch of cookies for the shiva tonight, and I'm dead tired. DEAD tired.

So I'm entitled to whine. I'm so furious with the Boy right now I can't wait to go sit shiva. Isn't that sad?

Please, don't you want a teenage boy? He's very handsome in a Seattle grunge band kind of way. Please. I'll even pay shipping. And I'll throw in his crate and some kibble.

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Blogger Lisa said...

Oh god, I'm so dreading the teenage years. Mine are 5 and 2, hopefully there will be a cure by then. Good luck.

9/1/08 9:20 PM  
Anonymous Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

While on most other days, I would say, "Sure, send him along, what's one more? And you can keep the crate and kibble", today I just sat through a highly unpleasant dinner with 2 t.a. boys who love to freeze me out of the conversation by talking in computerese. Little pukes. So, sorry, babe - try the market again tomorrow :)

9/1/08 10:01 PM  
Blogger Fratzels said...

Oye....you are scaring me away from the teenage years ahead!

10/1/08 1:00 PM  

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