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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It always comes back to get me

Since I've been feeling better the last few days after massive amounts of rest and actual sleep, of course I was up all last night and all of today coughing up a sea of phlegm, all of it really creepy color. It's back. This marks the third time I thought it was going away only for it to return even stronger. My lungs are shot. Honestly, I can barely breathe again.

But that didn't stop me from getting up at the crack of dawn to make sure the Boy was up and ready for his first day back at school. He got up, got dressed, brushed his teeth and washed his face almost voluntarily, and took off for school without a cross word. Will wonders ever cease to amaze me?

Once he was gone, it was time to get the Girl up to interview at a potential program this morning. She was less that enthralled to go, but at least she went semi-willingly. I didn't have to drag her out of the house or anything. Once we got to the interview she was looking mighty pissed off and refused to speak. At first she was totally tuned out, but slowly she got drawn in to the conversation, and by the end of the hour, she was making jokes. She still doesn't want to go there, but her options are rather limited due to her lack of output the entire term. She is starting to take responsibility for her failure to do her work, and now she's decided she wants to make it up. Possible? Yes, but probable? Um, no, not really. We'll see.

We have a second interview on Thursday morning, and with that one under our belts, we'll know what she'll be doing as of next week. I just wish the whole experience was easier for her, but she's sort of made it more difficult than it has to be.

Meanwhile, I'm having the most outrageous hot flashes ever. Every night I go upstairs to bed and my room is so hot, even with the window wide open, that I can't lay still to get to sleep. Last night I put the fan into the window, blowing in 24 degree F air and I was still hot. This is not normal. I like to sleep in a cold room anyhow, and I don't like being hot, but my house is almost impossible to regulate. The thermostats are both on the first floor, and the attic has 20 inches of insulation, so the warm air congregates in the bedrooms. But mine is the hottest, by far. It bothers me to know that I'm sleeping with the window wide open, and sometimes both windows wide open, in the middle of winter. It's such a waste of heat, but what can I do. Last night, with the window open and the fan on, it was still 78 degrees F in my room. To me, that's roasting hot. I much prefer sleeping in a room that's about 62, nice and crisp and cold. But to achieve that in this house, I'd have to turn the air conditioner on, and I am not willing to go that far. The fan was over the top enough for me.

But it's not just about the insane heating in this house. I sit downstairs at my desk and it's 68 degrees and I'm so hot I have to take off my clothes. I open windows downstairs, too, much to my children's chagrin. They like it warm, I would rather be in Alaska freezing my butt off in some nice igloo. My inner thermostat is obviously off. I wear t-shirts and shorts around the house and complain about how hot I am. It is so weird.

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Blogger Daisy said...

Ah, so that's the experience in my (near) future! It's still below zero in my neighborhood, so you'd probably get by with the windows open just a crack. :)

22/1/08 8:15 PM  

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