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Friday, January 18, 2008

It's 4:30. Do you know where your children are?

I know where the Boy is. He's off with friends to go see Cloverfield at Fenway. He made a plan, he clued me in, he left phone numbers, and when he'll be home.

Um, the Girl? I have no clue. She didn't come home from school today, she didn't call, and as far as I know, she could be anywhere. She's pissed off at me, and I'm guessing that she went to her friends house for the night and decided that I should stew. No matter, I'll find her and get her returned and then the grounding starts. I'm thinking about a collar and leash, or an electric fence. Do they make those for teenagers?

Today we negotiated a program for the Girl. Unbeknownst to me, the Crisis team at our mental health center also negotiated a program for the Girl, so on Tuesday we'll be looking at both programs and evaluating which one will work best. She knows nothing about this and I know she's furious because she feels she's being forced to go someplace she doesn't want to be, but tough luck. She had a great chance to return to school after the hospital, and she totally blew it. Now she gets to reap the consequences.

In other news, I think I have pneumonia. My chest is so tight, my cough so strained, and my energy level so sapped that I don't know what else it can be. I can barely make it from room to room without feeling like taking a nap. Permanently. The only saving grace of this day is that my friend Jean came over with 3 packages of squashed bug cookies for me. She's such a wonderful person.

I'm now going to do a online grocery shop for about 500 gallons of juice. I need them to deliver before the deep freeze makes our driveway impassible. Damn. Winter sucks.

Ooooo, guess who just came home? And she doesn't know why she's grounded. My oh my, this is gonna be a fun long weekend. Anyone have a giant size box of Calgon I can borrow?

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Blogger Daisy said...

I wish I could find words to send you good luck and good vibes, but I'm afraid anything I say will sound (in the tonelessness of the blogosphere) sarcastic or insignificant. I am worried about the effects of this stress on you and your health. I hope your juice gets to you safely and unfrozen. And as if you had nothing else to do -- if you're interested, I've tagged you. Details are on Compost Happens.

18/1/08 8:10 PM  

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