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Friday, January 25, 2008

Mommy's having a very weird day

Last night, no sleep. Roiling stomach, neck pain back so badly it's now running down the nerve past my elbow and into my hand. OUCH. I feel like crapola.

The Girl has an appointment this morning. She gets up, comes in and talks to me for a second, turns a delightful shade of gray and says "I'm gonna throw up." She runs to the bathroom and sure enough, barforama. But she doesn't have a fever or any other symptoms so I figure she's eaten something wrong or she's just nervous or whatever.

We get to the meeting building and she looks at me and says "I'm gonna barf again. Can we just stay here for a minute?" We hang out, the feeling passes and we get into the elevator. She promptly barfs one, two, no three times! In the elevator. It was like being back in my college dorm on a Friday night.

I get out of the elevator and tell them that she's barfed all over it. They look at me with daggers and call the cleaning service. I think they hate me. She gets out of the elevator and goes into the bathroom and barfs again. She washes up as best she can, but she's pungent.

We finish the meeting and are waiting for The Ride to come. She barfs outside on the sidewalk. She couldn't even make it to the plantings. Then she barfs again on the snow. I finally get that the child is sick.

The Ride comes and the driver is a doozy. Most of the drivers are either Haitian or African, and for the most part they're pleasant and respectful if not the world's best drivers. They tend to get lost a lot, they're always late, and they often are confused about who they are picking up. It's bad management. But this guy. Oh my God, this guy was insane. First, we get in the van and he proceeds to do paperwork for at least 15 minutes. He totally ignores us. I ask him if we're waiting for someone else, and he says no, but still goes on with the paperwork. The Girl is looking particularly green at this point and I worry she's going to hurl in the van. He finally pulls out and gets on the highway! I ask where the hell we're going, as the building is on the same freaking street we live on. He ignores me and keeps driving. He's speeding like a demon, hitting the brakes so hard that he knocked the gingerale out of the Girl's hand and didn't notice the huge bottle rolling around the van.

He gets on the phone while he's driving, which is so not allowed. And he's having an argument with the guy he's talking to. He gets to a stop sign and starts to go straight and I yell, "TURN RIGHT" because that's where we live. He starts to argue and I say "Turn right" again. He turns, but he's still yelling on the phone. I tell him to take the next right at our driveway, and he drives by it. I yell "RIGHT. UP THE DRIVEWAY. GO UP THE HILL." He's still on the phone. I say it again. I can't possibly make it up our driveway myself, nor should I have to. It's his job. So I tell him again to go up the hill and he turns around and yells at me that he's on the phone. I say "I don't care, I'm the customer." and he gets really ticked. I again tell him to go up the hill and he's pissed. PISSED. I'm interrupting his important conversation I guess.

He finally drives up the hill and starts cussing me out. I tell him to pull into the right parking space and he purposely pulls into the left, which makes me have to walk even further. I'm shaking I'm so upset, but I get out of the van and thank him. Because I'm an idiot, evidentally.

I walk into the house, call his office and report him. This is NOT a guy who should be driving the handicapped around. Not for one more minute.

He got fired.

He sat in my driveway on the phone for a while, and I was a bit worried that he would come and kill me or something, but he eventually drove away.

And it's only noon!

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Blogger Eliyahu said...

Hey, sounds like things are going totally meshugah there, my friend. Are they actually paying this guy money to treat people this way???

25/1/08 1:51 PM  
Blogger BSumner said...

That's fkn crazy!!! I would have called the police while he was sitting in my driveway contemplating my death.

I hope the girl feels better soon.

25/1/08 3:14 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Hey E! You're alive! Long time no hear. Yes, these jerks get paid, and they are Union. Oh my God, this particular driver scared the crap outta me and the Girl. I was grabbing on for dear life as he drove the wheelchair van around like it was a Maserati. Too bad The Girl didn't barf in his truck!

25/1/08 4:42 PM  
Blogger Stacy said...

Holy cow!! That driver would have scared the crap out of me!! I hope your girl is feeling better.

25/1/08 11:21 PM  

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