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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Parade coverage more dismal than usual this year

I like the idea of parades.

Kids watching on their parents shoulders, shouting out and waving as the floats pass by. Families together building memories as they spend time together seeing balloons and clowns and horses pass by. Parades are such an all-American pastime, even though they have them in countries all over the world. The parades we have here in the USA are world famous and draw crowds from around the world just to see our floats, hear our bands, and take part in the experience.

I especially like the Rose Bowl parade, because I grew up in Los Angeles, where it was a HUGE deal, and also because my brother actually marched in it one year long long ago. It was such a big event in my family's history that my parents actually bought a television, a brand new color TV, in order to watch my brother march. Did they actually traverse the city and go to Pasadena to see him march in person. You have GOT to be joking. Of course not. Too much effort. But they bought a television, which was one of the highlights of my childhood, sad to say.

Because I look forward to watching the parade every year, I'm extremely disappointed in this year's television coverage. I don't know what ABC's problem is, but they really screwed up big time this year.

Nobody wants to watch marching band after marching band after marching band. Even parents that bought a brand new television to see their son in a marching band aren't going to want to see every freaking marching band between Zurich and Hawaii.

People love the horses. The Rose Parade is famous for it's various and beautiful horse units. The horses are all dressed up in the most fabulous western saddles, the riders dressed to kill in their various costumes, and the unpredictable nature of the huge animals always thrills the crowd. So did ABC show the horses? They did not. Only one horse unit out of the twenty participating was shown during their entire coverage, and it wasn't the palominos or the appaloosas. I was pissed. Really pissed.

Viewers want to see the floats, but don't necessarily care about every freaking seed on them. Yes, it's interesting to be reminded each year that the floats are completely made of 'organic' materials, and those materials can be flowers, seeds, or even rice. However, we do not need to be told that onion seeds make the black color on each float they deign to show.

What viewers look most forward to is seeing all of the floats. So did ABC cover the floats well?

You got to be shitting me. They were so busy with the freaking marching bands that we missed at least half of the floats. Grrrr.

What ABC didn't cover was the vast amount of protesters at the parade. Some were protesting the inclusion of PRC's propaganda entry. It was indeed creepy. Every single one of the hundreds of Chinese children imported to march along with the float had the same creepy smile and face. I'm not necessarily against a bit of Chinese propaganda, but I don't think it belongs in an American parade.

Other protesters were angry about the war.

Still others had issues with religion. But there were a lot of them marching down Colorado Blvd. and they were virtually ignored by the happy people from ABC.

Lastly, who the hell were those commenters? Never seen or heard of either of them, and the inane chatter was overwhelmingly bad.

Grade for ABC coverage: D-.

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Blogger daysgoby said...

I thought they were really bad, in a kind of 'maybe I'm just not getting the parade thing anymore, because they couldn't be this awful, right? sort of way.

I have a hard enough time convincing my kids to watch parades (sob, and I love them) and marching people do not impress...

Oh, and the Boston coverage for the New Year last night. What the hell?

2/1/08 12:02 AM  

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