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Monday, January 14, 2008

Powered Sugar

Today it looks a lot like someone just dumped a whole huge box of powered sugar on the world. These first photos are in our front yard, and are the view I woke up to this morning. I feel like the luckiest person on earth getting to see something so beautiful by just peeking out my bedroom window!

It's so beautiful when we have a big snow here in our fair city. Our front yard is smooth as silk because nobody has yet sled down it. Our back yard has been plowed a bit, but not much, so I sent the kids outside to shovel us out. Of course arguments ensued, but the reality is that we're able to get out of the house now.

Around two we had errands that just had to be done, so the Boy and I ventured down the driveway and onto the abandoned streets. Everyone was enjoying their snow day. The parking lots were abandoned, the streets quiet, noises of shoveling here and there, but mostly silence was the word of the day.

First, we drove down by the lake to see how pretty it is in the snow. Some of the houses were so beautiful it was absolutely breathtaking. This one was barely peeking through the heavy curtain of snowy trees. Doesn't it look like a movie set? The view from that tower must be spectacular as it faces the lake.

Boughs were heavy with so much wet snow, trailing almost down to the ground.

The willow trees took on their own personality as the drooped down to the ground.

The sky remained gray and filled with snow heading north to visit Maine and Canada. Tomorrow the Maritimes will look just like this.

My favorite house on the lake was half hidden by the bushes heavy with snow. In the summer this house comes alive with flowers and crafts fairs in the barn, and yard sales to benefit Darfur.
The lake was so bare. It isn't yet frozen over solid enough for skating or walking on the ice. But next summer it will be the place to be for sunning and swimming.

After the lake we hit the bank, Linen's and Things to replace my French Press (they didn't have any), then on to pick up the Boy's ab-fab lunch, the Buffalo Chicken from Mighty Sub. They make the biggest subs I've ever seen, the size of two larges laid end to end. He didn't finish it!

Then to Petco to pick up cat fud and fish fud, and a toy on sale for the Worthless Pet, who later sniffed it disgust and walked away. However, he came running for his cranberry pills. That cat would kill his own mother for those cranberry pills and he doesn't even know that they control his potential urinary blockage. They really work!

From Petco to Whole Paycheck to purchase the French Press. They only had a few models, so I bought an interim one that is unbreakable, and I'll get the one I love online for a much more reasonable price.

From Whole Paycheck to the tire place where I left off Iris's tire (she's on a business trip) to be repaired. Then back home to empty the bags. The Boy promptly fell asleep, the lightweight.

But you know what he said before he drifted off? He told me that he was 'proud of me' for losing so much weight and working on my health so that I move around so much better. Now that is worth every big of my changing lifestyle, to have the Boy notice that my looks have changed and that I'm more able to do stuff. So I'm patting myself on the back!

Oh, and one more thing. The Boy and the Girl actually had a two-hour+ conversation yesterday sans argument. Not a cross word. They just talked like regular kids. The Boy told me today that he really wants to repair his relationship with his sister. I got tears in my eyes.

You know what? I think my Boy is finally back. This was the hardest time we've had so far, and things are far from perfect, but he's SO much better. I really do think he's back, at least for now.

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Anonymous Rhi said...

Yay for wanting to be friends with his sister. My brother (3 years, 3 days younger) and I used to beat the CRAP out of one other, and now, at 29 and 26, he's my best pal. So, there is hope :) Now I kind of wish I would have spent less time hating him and more time learning to love him.

14/1/08 5:51 PM  
Blogger Rhea said...

Glad to hear the Boy is better. I thought your snow day was going to be hell with the kids at home. I used to live at the edge of Crystal Lake. Is that where you took the pics?

14/1/08 6:16 PM  
Anonymous bethany actually said...

Aww, what a sweet thing for the Boy to say. I hope he's turned the corner.

14/1/08 7:21 PM  

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