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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Silent Treatment: Day 3

Amazingly, the Girl is still not speaking to me. I swear, I never thought she could hold out this long, especially without the telephone to bitch to her friends about her mother, the meanest person in the world. That would be me. Ahem. She is talking a bit to her brother and his friends who are over because they have declared our house their second home. Lucky me!

I actually tossed two of them out a bit ago, since the Boy didn't do anything he was supposed to. Like wash his dishes from days ago. Or clean up his mess. Or do his laundry. Or..... what does it matter? He didn't do it. Of course he lied and said he did it, which is par for the teenage course, but he didn't.

I've spent the whole weekend in bed. I figured the only way to beat this dreadful disease it to succumb to it. And actually I feel a bit better. The cough seems to be subsiding, I'm still wracked with wheezing and other crackly sounds, but my head feels a bit clearer. I think what I needed was to just completely collapse, something I never really give myself permission to do. The downside is that my hair is so filthy from laying around that it appears to have been dropped in a nice layer of EVOO. In other words, I am disgusting. Why is it that when you are sick, it just feels better to lay in your own sweaty filth than make an effort to take a shower? We all do it, but why?

Off to make a big pot of chili. Whenever I'm sick I make chili. There's something about eating a nice hot (as in spicy) bowl of chili to clean out your sinuses and make you feel totally and completely grossly happy.

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Blogger Lynn said...

I do the exact gross poor hygeine bit when I am really,really sick (mostly because I'm too weak and afraid I'll pass out in the shower)But on the upside, when you feel a bit better and finally do shower and put on new clean pj's you feel SOOOOOO much better.

Being sick with a head cold (and can't taste anything else) is the only time I can tolerate any type of spiciness (I have a wimpy palate) It really does clean out your sinuses.
Hope you are feeling better!!

20/1/08 8:57 PM  
Blogger daysgoby said...

EXACTLY what Lynn said. The first paragraph anyway. There's something oddly 'I've-turned-a-corner' about stepping into the shower after being sick that really makes you better.

Chili? I've never had chili when I'm sick. Too many memories of long drives, a sensitive tummy, and camping out for that. But I do make REALLY hot curry (my husband and my son protest and the girl matches me spoon for spoon) - I think I just want food I can taste!

20/1/08 9:42 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Right-o on the food tasting. I know it's traditional to make chicken soup when you're sick, but I can't taste it because I use so little salt and although it's not bland, I just can't taste it. But chili...that works well.

I also do curries. Just had a nice hot one yesterday with chicken, peas, potatoes, and peppers. YUM.

20/1/08 11:46 PM  
Blogger DeeJay said...

Oooh, 2 alarm chili is da'bomb. Hope you feel better soon!

21/1/08 9:14 AM  

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