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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Silent Treatment is Back in Force!

Lucky me, because it's all my fault. All. My. Fault. No matter what IT happens to be, it's my fault and don't you forget it!

Act 4 was this morning. I tried to talk to the Girl before the meeting about the outcome, because I had a feeling that it wasn't going to play out the way she wanted it. Man, my crystal ball was in overtime because the director of this particular program didn't even want to consider the Girl as it wasn't what the team had recommended. But I'm so glad we went because this director is sharp as a tack and very straight with kids, and she totally laid it out on the line for the Girl. Meanwhile, the Girl's eyes are filling with tears and she's just burning with anger because she was sure she could coerce people into doing what she wanted, and it didn't work.

This director advised me to get a CHINS on the Girl (child in need of service, a legal petition to the juvenile probation office for 'stubborn child', which would make the Girl have to report to the PO and if she wasn't doing what was expected of her, she would go in front of the judge, who could possibly put her in a residential program.) Anyhow, the director wouldn't even allow the Girl to think that this program was right for her at this time, although if she finished the other program, it could be the next step into getting back to school. She also told the Girl the true rendition of what happened at the meeting on Thursday, refusing to allow the Girls interpretation of the meeting to be considered correct. It wasn't correct, she didn't listen to a word anyone said.

Consequently, it's the silent treatment redeaux. No problem on my side because I know she'll eventually cool off, and regardless, she has no choice but to go to the program we all wanted for her in the first place. So far she's absolutely refusing to cooperate, but she'll melt. She always does.

Being a teenager sucks so much. I feel for her, even as she's threatening me that I'll be sorry I stuck her in that hellhole program. She's gonna show me! She's so angry but she's also unwilling to take responsibility for her actions, the actions that got her to this place. She eventually will, but not anytime soon. She's just too pissed off.

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