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Monday, January 21, 2008

Tooting my own horn

I got an email this morning that told me I had reached the #1 position on blogged.com for parenting blogs. I'm not quite sure what this means in the grand schema of things, but number one on any list is good, right? I'm really pleased, especially since I slogged through their list and recognized a lot of blogs that are well known and highly praised.

This blogging thing is interesting. I do it for me. I think it's pretty obvious that I use this space as a place to vent about anything and everything that is driving me nuts, and to share the things that amuse me and occasionally startle me. Blogging has never been, at least for me, about being popular. I think it's apparent that I say what I think and I'm not obsequious in the least. I don't kiss butt, ever. Never have, never will. But when someone tells me that I'm doing a good job, and when I find myself on blogrolls of people I don't even know, it's really exciting. I like that I'm writing about teenagers in a way that other people rarely do. I like that my little family has made an impact on the parents who blog.

And with that, the big news of the day is, a certain someone spoke to me. Not much, and not very nicely, but she talks!

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