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Monday, January 21, 2008

Watching my city freak out

Does your city have a blog? If it does, and you're not reading it, you're missing some of the greatest free entertainment ever. Our city blog is owned by our local paper, which comes out weekly. For years now we've had a great variety of crackpots who believe that the letters to the Editor are for them to spew forth whatever they're pissed off at that week. Then, about a year ago, the paper put out it's blog. It was slow going at first, like any new blog, but then several salient issues in the city brought out the commenters.

Of course, being our fair city, the crackpots soon found the blog, and let forth on the particulars of the lake front and the new high school. Of course they all hate the mayor (and who doesn't in our city) and they also hate the school department en mass, the schools which are way too liberal for these people, the newer and richer residents who drove up the housing costs, people that move into town with children that drive up the school population, and pretty much anyone who isn't white, Christian, and a tax hater.

There are several of my favorite crackpots, one of whom this week decided it would be a good idea to make a video for the local city TV station spewing more of her vitriol on the topic of the secret cameras in the high school. Of course, being this crackpot, she had to add in some nice racist comments, accuse the paper of purposely censoring her comments and calling the editor the Grand Wizard. She's a laugh riot, this one.

Don't you wish you had her letters to the Editor to read each week? And she's one of a little cabal of crackpots.

The best part? The comments on the blog. Some of them are hilarious. People who have no concept of blogging are screaming about censorship, not understand about the terms of use. People who think our favorite crackpot has really gone over the edge. This is entertainment! This blog has become my favorite read these days. I never know what's going to make people go ballistic next, but there is a guarantee that they will!

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