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Thursday, January 10, 2008

You have GOT to be kidding me!

Our fair city has had an ongoing battle over gas-powered leaf blowers. Many of our citizens, myself included, hate the damn things, believe that they cause ridiculous noise pollution as well as air pollution, and don't really get why rakes can't be used instead of these backpack pollution machines. We've talked about banning them, and believe me, I'd be the first one in line to applaud the decision to outlaw them forever and ever.

Of course, being January and all, you would think that this is an irrelevant topic for discussion, wouldn't you? I mean, we do live in New England, where gardening services depart in the fall and return in the spring. During the winter they have plenty to keep them busy, what with plowing driveways and shoveling walks for an unGodly amount of money and all. After all, what complete moron pays to have his leaves blown in January?

That moron would be my next door neighbor.

This morning I was awakened from my sick bed with the roar of the leafblowers. I couldn't even identify the sound at first, because it was SO loud and so obnoxious and so not something one hears in January. Being a gorgeous day and all, I had my bedroom windows cracked a bit, and the roar from the two blowers literally shook my from my bed. I looked outside, trying to identify what the hell that noise was.

This is what I saw.

I threw on my clothes and ran downstairs, grabbed the camera, and started photographing them. They didn't see me for a couple of minutes, but as soon as they spied me, they turned off the machines, turned around, and departed from the property.

Let me just mention that they blew leaves onto our property, and that this photo is all on our land. Not the neighbors, ours.

Guess who will be having a little chat with our neighbors later this afternoon when they get home from work.

I mean, really. In January you have to blow the leaves from your totally dormant grass onto our driveway? Is that really necessary?

Leafblowers need to be outlawed. Today.

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Blogger Julie Pippert said...


We have gardening here year round because, well, it's the subtropics which means no winter which means gardening here year round and that means MULTIPLE houses blasting those noise and air polluting machines all day.

Hate them. HATE them

Nationwide outlawing.

Can you imagine the positive environmental (and human) impact?

10/1/08 4:27 PM  
Blogger Blog Antagonist said...

I have the same opinion of leaf blowers. We have a neighbor that blows leaves for 8 hours every Sunday, year round, because like Julie, we live in the land of eternal Sunday. I put a printout of statistics in his mailbox a couple months ago about the harmful effects of leaf blowers with no discernible impact. Moron.

Anyway. Yes. They need to be outlawed. Yesterday. God people are lazy.

10/1/08 5:05 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

I know. I can't stand the leafblowers. We rake and use the mulching mower. None of the yards in our area are big enough to really need a blower.

10/1/08 5:47 PM  
Anonymous Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Frickitty frickin' stupid things - noisy and pointless.

10/1/08 8:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too hate leaf blowers, but what bothers me is that these people aren't using them themselves. They hire some one else (usually a group of someone elses) to come and use the leaf blower, and it's always when the home owner isn't home, so they don't have to listen. You can be that Mitt Romney never had to listen to the illegals out there blowing his leaves. I think if you want to use a leaf blower then you should have to listen to it. I think if it was mandated that only the property owner could use a leaf blower, that their use would drop off dramatically

11/1/08 8:44 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

You know, Anon, that is a GREAT idea. I love it. My neighbors would never, in a million years, do it themselves. I have one neighbor on the other side that has 3 gardeners blowing leaves when she's at school teaching. I'd love to see her out there on her own with a big disgustingly loud polluting machine on her back. Not very likely!

11/1/08 10:55 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

you don't have to tell me anything. I LIVE NEXT DOOR TO A LANDSCAPER.
Oh and the condos behind my house, do the exact same thing EVERY WEEK, blow the leaves onto my property and when i go to yell at them pretend no one on the crew speaks any English.

11/1/08 11:06 AM  

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