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Sunday, January 27, 2008

You know what tomorrow is, right?

Tomorrow is the first day for Shannon's Bloggy Giveaways.

What's that?

It's a contest. A huge contest. Probably the biggest contest in the blogosphere. Hundreds of blogs each hold their own contest for free prizes. FREE STUFF, people. Can it get better than that?


This time around I have three fabulous prizes to offer. What are they? Oh, not so fast, buster. You gotta come here tomorrow morning to see what I'm offering. And I'll tell you now, you're going to want to enter for each of my three prizes.

What do you have to do to win a prize? You have to leave a comment. But...not just any comment. You have to tell me what prize your heart desires, AND (this is very important) you must leave me contact information. If you just leave your blog info and your blog does not have your email on it, I won't be able to find you. So, right now.... I'll wait....... go put your contact information on your blog. You can do it so that you won't get spammed. You know, the old margalitc at yahoo dot com kinda thing. That's fine. But no email, no prize.

How do I decide who wins amongst such delightful contestants? I use a random number generator to choose winners. Because, you know, I'm lazy. Let them do the work. You reap the benefits.

Once the random number generator chooses you, yes YOU, the lucky winner. I'll contact you. I'll send you two different email addresses. You are to (and this is VERY important) respond to both email addresses. Not just one, both. Because email isn't as reliable as it once was and I want to make sure you don't land in a spam folder, so I'm giving you two chances instead of one. I'm nice like that. Your response will have a gracious thank you telling me what a wonderful and delightful person I am, and you will include your snail mail address. SNAIL MAIL, people.

Once I get your address, I'll mosey on up to the Post Office and mail off your prize. Voila!

DON'T FORGET! The Bloggy Giveaways Carnival will be going LIVE at Bloggy Giveaways tomorrow morning, January 28th, at 8 am CST. Get ready!

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