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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Declaration rant from a guest poster

All opinions are those of the guest ranter & her husband who were slightly horrified that most of the nation did not recognize the words of the Declaration of Independence. Thanks very much to M for the platform :)

A Real Chance for Change

Depending upon your orientation or beliefs, these are either exciting or threatening times, hardly anyone would disagree they are anything but challenging. Given this unusual set of circumstances, recent events, history and especially world and market reactions, how do you get anyone to see beyond their constituent filters, beyond the superficial issues crowding the surface and pushing meaning aside? How do you get people of different beliefs to see clearly and concisely what's really important and agree on how real meaningful change can be enacted?

That is the question for our times and it is becoming the focus of this election, there is a vast groundswell, grass roots uprising to enact change and promote people who make it their and our priority. This is where we find ourselves right now, on the verge of what may the most important decision in the history of our democracy, one that could reverse decline and divert air and light off many of the personal, fractional, highly-politicized divisive party tenets and special-interest platforms in favor of fundamental choices and changes that positively affect us all.

I don't know how to say it any better than that. There's a reason there's always so much noise around every campaign and issue, it's really hard, nearly impossible to have what's needed most, a meaningful conversation on any kind of stage, especially the national or international arena. In all these scenarios, meaning is subdued, consistently so ulterior motive, mandate and agenda can be circuitously or surreptitiously substituted toward some often undisclosed end. We the recipients are the last to know and pay longest for the mistakes we may not have made or revisions or reductions in freedom or quality of life to which we did not agree.

The words Barack Obama used, and for which he was recently criticized did not actually come from Deval Patrick, though both men eloquently frame the theme we should be elevating, and neither was distracted by discussion nor debate of what might be implied behind the words, as were their critics. The words "we hold these truths to be self-evident..." come from another important document presented at another critical juncture in history, a time when the authors knew they were taking their own lives and those of their fellow citizens literally in their own hands. They might as well have written them in blood, that was their intent and effect.

A time like this one, and we'd do well to listen to those words again. We need this quality of intellectual revolutionary now, but more we need to take these words into each of our own lives, our own homes, and our own hearts, another clarion call for freedom restored. We need to prioritize issues first, based upon the greatest number of rational objectives achieved for the largest number of possible recipients. We need to press for the elevation of fair and balanced standards and judgment criteria for all political agenda, especially when it deviates in the least from the original, qualified, tested principles outlined in our original charter creatively applied by and for an informed population. Then and only then, the choices will start to become clearer. Success will be quantifiable and measurable.

I strongly support the simple, rational platform to create a CHANGE CONGRESS established by Lawrence Lessig and I sincerely hope he runs.


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Blogger margalit said...

You guys totally rock! I just put the Lessing video about Obama on my LinkyLoo list last night. I'm really hoping he runs, too!

Thanks for the rant. You know how I love a good rant!

20/2/08 4:18 PM  

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