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Friday, February 29, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover comes to Maynard MA

Are you a fan of Ty Pennington and Extreme Home Makeover? I can't say that I watch this show that often, but when I do I usually end up sobbing. The stories are compelling and the houses... OMG they are so wonderful. OK, the kids rooms are always WAY over the top, but otherwise I think they do a great job of matching the family to the decor. From the first minute of the reveal, I feel like I want to sit down and chat in their great rooms, and cook something spectacular in those kitchens. If truth be told, it's the kitchen and bathrooms that get to me. Nothing would be greater for me than to have a huge and glorious kitchen and some bathrooms that looked like works of art.

This past week, EHM has been in Maynard MA, building a brand new home for a very deserving family. Want to read all about it? Living on the same street as the construction site has been very interesting to read about. The poor neighbors! But it's really only a bit over a week and something so good is happening to one of their neighbors. Really, how could you complain?

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Blogger Daisy said...

I end up in tears, too. They tend to pick the stories that tug on the heartstrings.

29/2/08 9:05 PM  
Blogger 20LittleToes said...

We live in the next town over.. the whole area has been abuzz. LOL

1/3/08 11:12 PM  

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