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Saturday, February 02, 2008

I see dead people

I looked in the mirror this afternoon, and it was frightening. My skin tone ranges from dead white to sickly gray. The circles under my eyes are etched in there. My brow is furrowed in constant pain from headaches and general sickness. But the weird thing is, I actually feel better. I don't feel great by any means, but the cough is finally subsiding and I'm not in constant muscle ache agony.

Good thing because tomorrow night I'm going off to a little cocktail party to meet the Boston area moms involved in WorkItMom. Nothing like a blogger get-together to get me in the mood for some good times. There is something to be said for meeting people who spend their spare time the same way I do, stuck in front of the computer laughing my ass off at someone else's foibles. It's almost like permission to laugh at people falling down, something I discourage but my daughter does consistantly. She's weird.

I can't seem to kickstart my life back to normal yet, as this illness has really trodden over every single cell in my rather large backside. Every time I contemplate actually doing something, say like cooking dinner or cleaning up a mess or doing laundry, I sink back into my bed and do my Scarlet O'hara imitation. "There's always tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day."

I'm still in a total quandry as to who will get my vote on Tuesday. I honestly can't make up my mind between Hilary and Obama. There are just so many pros and cons about them both, and I haven't been able to sort out which of the pros and cons are most important for me, especially since MY most important issue fell off the table when John Edwards left the campaign. My issue is poverty, and of the two of them, I believe Obama *might* be the better choice. But then there is health care. Although I live in a state with "Universal Healthcare" I'm not happy with how healthcare is doled out in this state. You're required to have it, you're required to pay for it, but it isn't affordable for many families, and that sucks. Of course that's the legacy of Mitt the Pit, who pushed for a mandate without any way to pay for it, and then split the state. What an asshole.

I'm also up in the air about the Superbowl. Oh, not who to support, that's the Patriots all the way. Randy Moss is such a demon, and I'm in love with Tedi B. No doubt about who I like and who I'm sure is going to win. But what to eat. Now that's the important stuff. Since we've already done both the burgers and pizza nights, and I recently made both chili and chicken soup, what else is left for Superbowl dinner. Maybe enchiladas? And the snacks? I have no clue. None. I guess I'll hit the grocery store Sunday morning and just get what strikes my fancy. I'm too damn tired to plan ahead.

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Blogger Rhea said...

I, too, am undecided about Tuesday's election. I'm also between Obama and Clinton. Have a great cocktail party!

2/2/08 9:00 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Edwards dropping out put me in a quandary, too. If he's still on the Wisconsin ballot, I might vote for him anyway just to make a statement. As for the Super Bowl -- I'll cook up a "tailgate party" supper and watch the commercials. Sniff. Sigh.

2/2/08 7:31 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Ah, yes, and I love Workit, Mom! Send my greetings to the others at the Bloggy Get Together.

2/2/08 7:32 PM  
Blogger lisa marie said...

Wow Hope you are feeling better. Sounds like a sickness I don't wanna catch. :)

3/2/08 10:18 AM  

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