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Friday, February 08, 2008

LOST Discussion Friday -- Confirmed Dead

Well, that was one mysterious episode. Good, I think even better than the premier, but mysterious. I thought more answers would come up, but I'm more confused than ever. Standard Lost, I guess. Here's the synopsis, followed by some questions and comments that I'd like input on (that means comments, people!)

As the episode begins, we see an underwater landscape as one of those minisubmarines is plotting the bottom of a large oceanic valley. Turning a corner, we get out first glimpse of the underwater wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815. The underwater camera first picks up debris from the flight. We see a wallet and some clothing and then the fusilage. It is an amazing moment because yes indeed, there is a whole airplane under water, just as we were told right from the beginning of Season One.

Next, the episode cuts to news footage about the wreckage, and we quickly realize we're in a flashback from the point of view of new character Daniel Faraday. He's the guy who Jack and Kate ran into in the jungle at the end of last week's episode. For some reason the footage of the downed plane has left him a blithering idiot barely able to speak.

After seeing the moment where Faraday, along with his other teammembers, makes his dive from the spinning helicopter, we relive the scene where he meets the two castaways. He claims he's there to rescue them, but this is Lost, so don't believe everything you hear.

Faraday tells Jack and Kate that there were four people on the chopper, and he uses their phone to give the freighter a call. The guy on the other end almost immediately asks if he's on speaker phone, which is awfully shady. Kate notices a gun in the back of Faraday's pants, which is even shadier. She's already suspicious, which is a good thing.

Meanwhile, back in the present in the jungle the next morning, Locke is enjoying some nice quality time standing in a rain storm. What is with Locke and rain storms? Does he use them for big giant showers? Anyway, Locke tells Hurley that the storm is about to pass, and sure enough it clears up an instant later. He also claims that he has to make a detour to a cabin before heading to the barracks, and Sawyer wants to know why they're wasting their time going to a shack. There are suspicious looks from both Hurley and Ben over the mention of the 'cabin'. They both know that the cabin in question is Jacob's manse. Everyone is dumbstruck and afraid to ask Locke more questions when Locke reveals that he received his orders from Walt.

In the next scene, Juliet and Sayid are on the beach, keeping a look out for the freighter. Juliet assures him that Ben was probably lying about the people on the boat, but she also tells him to grab some guns just in case. In the jungle, Kate stumbles upon a box in the woods that fell out of the helicopter. It has a gas mask in it, and Faraday makes up some excuse about not being in charge of packing such things. He's perhaps the shadiest man in all of Shadytown. He also lets Jack and Kate know that rescuing them is not his primary objective. He continues to bumble over his words, making him look ridiculously suspicious.

Back in the jungle, Sawyer wants to know what the hell is up with Locke seeing Walt. John says he doesn't know, but mentions that Walt was taller than he was before. His description of Walt was priceless. A little taller indeed! It's nice to know they're acknowledging that. Locke also shows Sawyer his bullet wound, which handily missed hitting a kidney since he no longer has one. See, his dad was good for something after all.

Jack, Kate, and Faraday find Miles crashed on the rocks under a parachute. Miles is pretending he's passed out or dead, waiting for the Losties to approach is body. The first thing he does is pull a gun on Jack. Man, these people just seem friendlier by the moment. Miles wants to know where Naomi is, and he also seems to think that Kate killed her. Was that "tell my sister that I love her" line a secret code? Miles says it is, but is it? Who knows. All I know is that the actor that plays Miles also played a character in Keeping the Faith that totally cracked me up, and I'm going to have a hard time looking at Miles seriously.

We then enter Miles' flashback, where he hears on the radio that all the passengers on Flight 815 are dead. He goes to visit a woman, telling her that he's going to require 200 dollars to perform his services for her. He goes upstairs with his strange vacuum cleaning ghost communication device, planning to rid the bedroom of her grandson's murdered spirit. This scene is a little trippy even for Lost, as Miles starts chatting with the invisible ghost. He wants to know where the dead kid stashed his drugs and cash, and sure enough the spirit helps him find it. He pockets a huge wad of cash, puts back the drugs, tells the ghost that it can leave, and then goes back downstairs to let the grandmother know that it's over and the ghost is gone.

Back on the rocks, Miles reveals that Naomi has no sister and the entire thing was a code. Kate explains that Locke killed Naomi, and Miles demands to be taken to her dead body. That's some weird foreshadowing there.

In the jungle with Locke, Ben is trying to tell Alex something, but Karl stands up to him and pulls out a gun. Sawyer tells the kid to go take a walk, so Ben turns his questions on Sawyer instead. He wants to know why Sawyer left Kate behind. He tells James that in the real world, a con artist would have no chance of competing with a hotshot surgeon like Jack. Sawyer beats the crap out of him for the comment, only stopping when Locke tells him to. Sawyer wants to kill Ben, but John explains that they need him alive since he knows more about the island than anyone else.

After Kate leads Jack, Miles, and Faraday to Naomi's dead body, Miles chants over her. Faraday points out that the light in the jungle doesn't scatter correctly, which is an interesting observation. Miles interrupts to say that Kate didn't lie -- she really didn't kill Naomi. This guy is like the ghost whisperer. Before he can whisper to any more ghosts, Jack tells Miles and Faraday to put their guns down. Miles gives Jack an attitude, and Jack says "you're covered by our friends, so drop the guns. They don't believe him until Sayid and Juliet show up with guns blazing, ready to kick some ass.

It's time for flashback number three, and this time we're in Tunisia. A woman named Charlotte doesn't believe that everyone on Flight 815 is dead. She keeps reading the same story in different papers and different languages. In the middle of the desert, she starts to help the locals dig up a polar bear skeleton. She digs up a collar with the Hydra Dharma logo on it! What the hell? I am utterly confuzzled by this turn of events, especially after she's all smiling like a demon over the collar. Creepy!

On the island, Charlotte, who is another of the parachuters, is busy hanging from her parachute, which is stuck on a branch over a cliff. She manages to escape the predicament and falls into the water below, only to be discovered by Locke and his merry band of crusaders.

Sayid questions the motives of Miles and Faraday, wanting to know what they're doing there and why they're not surprised the Oceanic gang is still alive. Miles wonders why they should be shocked by this turn of events. Apparently it takes a lot to impress him.

Though Miles may not be shocked, Charlotte at least acts surprised that so many of them are still alive. She tells the gang that the freighter will be there to rescue them soon, and also mentions that she has no clue what happened to the helicopter. Locke tells her that they have no desire to be located, so Charlotte has to go along with them.

Sayid is able to track Charlotte's movements using the fancy phone, and they detect that she's on the run, and fast. The group goes running to find Charlotte's location, but instead find Vincent with her tracking device on his neck. Aw, Vincent is back! I love that dog!

Cut to another flashback, this time in the Bahamas. We meet Frank Lapidus, and he sees a newscast confirming the identities of the dead bodies on 815. In fact, the newscast even lingers on the underwater skeletons, which seems a tad bit ridiculous. The news is never that exciting. A phone number shows up on the screen and he gives it a call, claiming that he has information on the crash. He tells them that the pilot they're showing is not the man they're claiming it is. He says he knows this because the body shown had no wedding ring on it, and that he (Frank) was supposed to be flying Flight 815 on that day.

Back on the island, an injured Frank crawls up a hill and sees a large bull staring at him. That is one 'manly' bull, if you get my drift! Frank collapses in exhaustion and shoots a flare into the air, which Charlotte sees. She wants to go after Frank, but Locke tells her she's not going anywhere. In a total "holy crap" moment, Charlotte gets shot in the chest two times by Ben, who as grabbed Karl's gun. Luckily, Charlotte was wearing her bullet-proof vest, and is only stunned a little. Why was she wearing a bullet-proof vest? Can you say suspicious?

Jack's gang finds Frank on the hill, and he says that the chopper was struck by lightning but landed safely. He points the way to the helicopter, and sure enough it's actually sitting where he said it would be, looking remarkably healthy for a chopper caught in a fierce electrical storm. Oh, that Lost!

In the final flashback, a team consisting of Charlotte, Faraday, Miles, and Frank is being put together by Naomi and Matthew Abaddon, who we last saw creeping Hurley out in the institution. [BTW, if you missed it, in the screencaps as Abbadon was leaving the hospital after Hurley kicked him out, our friend Smoky followed him. Really!] They're planning a mission to the island, and Abaddon assures Naomi that they won't find any 815 survivors there. She looks dubious at best, but he's her boss and he tells her what to do. I guess he was wrong about that one.

Sayid, being the handyman that he is, says that the helicopter is ready to fly. Miles tries to call Minkowski on the boat, but a woman named Regina answers and says Minkowski can't come to the phone. Frank and Miles are against loading Naomi into the chopper for the first flight, since she'll just take up space.

Juliet introduces herself to Frank as she tends to his injuries, and he knows that she wasn't on Flight 815. He's memorized the manifest. He tells the others that she's an island native, and Miles pulls out a picture of Ben. He demands to know where he is, and reveals that finding him is the real reason they came to the island.

Back in Locke's section of the jungle, Sawyer wants to kill Ben more than ever. Locke says that he'll do it himself if Ben doesn't give him some answers. John asks him what the monster (the Smoke) is, and Ben claims he doesn't know. Just as Locke is ready to plug him full of bullets, Ben reveals that he knows everyone who arrived on the chopper. He rattles off all of their names, a ton of information about Charlotte, and says that he knows they've come for him.

How does he know? Well, he has a man on their boat, of course. Ben is always one step ahead of everyone else. This didn't make a lot of sense to me. Why would he have a man on their boat if the boat couldn't find the Island until the signal was unjammed?

These are the questions and comments I will be thinking about all week. Any insight would, of course, be greatly appreciated.

  • Why take these four new characters (Miles, Dan, Charlotte, and Frank) on the "mission"? They were clearly picked for specific reasons by Abbadon. I could see Miles due to his potential ability to communicate with Jacob (but do they even know about Jacob?), Dan because of his knowledge about physics (and in turn, the "unique magnetic properties of the Island"), but what about the other two? Charlotte seems to have stumbled across evidence of Dharma through her anthropology - which brings up a whole other question on how the polar bear got to Tunisia, and Frank has a direct connection to Oceanic Flight 815 - and a reason to not believe that the crash was real. Were they all doubters of the fake crash sent to "disprove it" - or since they were doubters of the fake crash were they sent on basically a suicide mission to get rid of them? So much to digest.
  • How did Ben know they were coming? Who is his "mole" on their ship? Why are the Freighters there for him?
  • Are the Freighters actually just Dharma, on a mission for payback to Ben for his role in the "purge" of their people? Or do they just know that he knows the most about the Island? Again, how would they know any of this?
  • Loved the mention of "taller ghost Walt" and Locke flat out asking about Smokey! Great to see that our Survivors aren't always idiots when the time arises to ask questions.
  • What am I missing? I feel like there was so much in that episode, but sitting here and trying to remember it, I'm just left feeling confused by the whole thing. Definitely enjoyed this episode more than last week!

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Blogger oh amanda said...

I didn't love this episode as much! I felt like it was contrived! How convenient to drop an anthropolgist, a ghost-guy, a pilot and a phsisit on the island?!

I'm wondering what their connection is, tho'. They seemed really ticked at Ben, don't they? Why? Are they former Island inhabitants? Or connected to former Dharma people?

8/2/08 11:32 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

I dunno. You ask some good questions. I think the team was formed with those particular people for a reason. The physical anthropologist might be there to check on the deceased remains of the Dharma group. The physicist might be there trying to figure out why the island is hidden and can't be found unless the blocking signals are turned off. Or he might be there because of the weird magnetic pull of the island, or the implosion of the hatch. He's got PLENTY of things to look into!

The ghost guy has got to be there to talk to Jacob. That MUST be what he's about.

Just my guesses, of course.

8/2/08 12:24 PM  
Anonymous Danny said...

I was shouting "WTF!" during most of the episode and wondering if the show had jumped the shark, but now I think it's all about the real Dharma people. Remember that Ben killed all of them (including his dad) and set up his own group and I think we're going to find that the real Dharma organization is alive and well and wanting to take over the island again for their weird and possibly nefarious purposes. That's also why they want Ben so badly. And I think the four newbies are directly involved with Dharma.

My real WTF? moment came when those people went off with the murderous Locke. WHY? Especially people like Claire and her baby and Sawyer? Why would they trust him after all he's done and seeing him murder Naomi in cold blood because of his suspicions? If I were Sawyer, I would have killed Ben AND Locke.

So there were no "flash forwards" in this episode? I was a little confused about the time elements but I can see why Dharma would want to make the world believe that Oceanic 815 had been found and that everyone was dead. The last thing they'd want is anyone snooping around their crazy island.

Polar bear in Tunisia? Huh? My guess is another old outpost for Dharma that Charlotte knew about.

Where is Penny? I hope she reappears. And was Desmond in the episode at all? Which group did he join? I wish they'd just kill all the non-principal characters that roam around the background and have the only survivors be the ones we know about--it's annoying to see them everywhere without any stories.

8/2/08 12:58 PM  
Anonymous thenestegg said...

I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. That was the BEST recap of the movie I have yet to read!

I wonder if they are going to run last weeks episode again before the new episode this week? I hope so, after reading your post I would like to view it again and catch a few things I missed, like the smoke trailing after the guy who had talked to Hurley. ??? Weird.

You wanted insight, I think these new set of "others" are working for Dharma. I mean Ben has been on the island most of his whole life, he killed the Dharma people, in my opinion who else would be looking for him?

I have one question for you if you don't mind giving your thoughts to this. This has bugged me the most out of this show. How in the world could someone make food drops without someone not noticing? Asking myself this question now makes me second guess myself on the people being from Dharma.

This show drives me nuts but I LOVE IT!

I hope you have another recap of this weeks show! :)

10/2/08 6:19 PM  

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