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Thursday, February 21, 2008

LOST Discussion Friday: Eggtown


OK, this episode didn't seem to pack the punch that the previous episode did, until the very end. And then... OMG, what a shocker! I cannot wait to find out just how Kate ended up with.... oh, you'll have to read to the very end for this little shocker!

Last week on LOST, a flash forward revealed that Sayid is one of the Oceanic Six, and also showed us that he's a globetrotting assassin taking orders from Ben. On the island, Kate and Miles ended up in Locke's group in exchange for Charlotte, while Sayid and Desmond finally jumped in the helicopter and headed toward the freighter. Tonight we take a trip to "Eggtown," where we learn the identity of another member of the Oceanic Six while Kate and Sawyer play a little house.

Tonight's episode opens with that wonderful LOST obsession -- a close up of an eyeball. Locke is waking up and making Ben some eggs for breakfast. He takes the food to Ben's cell, which is in the basement connected to yet another underground lair, and immediately begins questioning him about the man on the boat. Ben does nothing but mock John for his inability to find any answers. John pretends to be totally in control, and takes Ben's uneaten breakfast away and once outside the cell, smashes it against a wall. He stalks out of the house, obviously pissed off. Kate and Claire observe his little snit and wonder what it's about.

Kate, Claire, and baby Aaron are sitting on their front porch sipping coffee when Sawyer comes over from his stud shack he's sharing with Hurley. Sawyer and Kate share a nice domestic moment on the porch. Sawyer wants her to move in with him, but of course Kate refuses. She says she doesn't trust him, and Sawyer wonders if it's because of the pregnancy thing. She gets annoyed with Sawyer and sends him away before he even gets his coffee. She's very touchy on the pregnancy subject, we think.

Then Kate flash forwards to her time off the island. She's being swarmed by photographers on her way inside a courthouse, where a bailiff goes over a list of all of her crimes. Her attorney isn't sure what she's going to do, but Kate pleads not guilty to all the crimes she's accused of. The judge decides she has to stay in custody due to the fact that she's a flight risk, and Kate is led away in handcuffs.

Back on the island, Sun and Jin are deciding where they want to live when they get off the island. They're looking at a map of America, andJin suggests Albuquerque, but Sun says' it's too hot. Then he says Reno, and she doesn't like that either. Jin says that he was willing to learn English for her so they can live in America, but surprisingly, Sun wants to return to Korea and raise the baby there. As they are talking, Jack, Faraday and Charlotte, appear on the beach and catch everyone else up on the events of the past couple episodes. The Beachies are anxious for information about the Locke group.

Back at Locke headquarters, Kate wants to see Miles and goes to Locke for permission, but of course he's not up for that. She's anxious to ask Miles some questions about her past. She sees Hurley taking a tray of food to the captive and quickly cons him into letting her do it. Hurley reveals that Miles was in the game room, but has been moved to the boathouse. Kate's quick on the trail with Mile's food, and finds him tied up and hungry. The first thing she asks Miles is if he knows who she is and what she did. He'll tell her what she wants to know, but he wants one minute with someone first. He doesn't say who, but he does mention that getting captured was part of his plan. She knows he wants to see Ben and agrees to it in order to discover just what the Freighter folks know about her dubious past.

In the next flash forward, Kate is trying to figure out what to do about her incarceration. Her lawyer tells her she can make a deal and maybe get 15 years, otherwise it's life in prison. The lawyer tells her he can bring "him" in and use him as a character witness. That's when Kate tells him that he is not going to use her son in this trial.

Son?!?! Well, well, well. That's an interesting turn of events. She hasn't said yet if she's pregnant or not, but whatever. How old could this son possibly be? Not old enough to testify as a character witness, right? Did the Lawyer mean someone else?

Back at Locke headquarters, Claire and Kate are hanging out laundry on the line, and Aaron is in a laundry basket fussing. Claire asks if Kate can rock Aaron to calm him down. Kate looks nervous and upset and says that she's not very good with babies, but Claire tells her she should trying being a mom sometime. Ah, foreshadowing. Kate never touches Baby Aaron, who is getting huge.

In the courthouse, back in the future, the defense calls Jack to the stand to testify as a character witness in Kate's trial. Jack tells the courtroom how he met Kate on Flight 815. He says that only eight people survived the crash and starts going on about Kate's various heroics, saying that he was drowing in the water when she saved him, and saved all the other people, nursed them to health, and took care of them all, but she asks him to stop. The prosecution walks up and asks Jack if he's in love with Kate. He says that he used to be, but he's not anymore. That only eight line really got me. I just wonder what the story is that they pretend that nobody else is back on the island. I can't wait to find out!

Hurley and Sawyer are hanging out at the stud shack. Sawyer is once again reading, and Hurley is looking at some VHS tapes and randomly starts watching Xanadu. Sawyer tells Hurley that he's reading. Hurley continues to watch one of the worst movies ever made. Fortunately, it's not long before Kate shows up to break up the Olivia Newton-John lovefest. She goes into the kitchen with Sawyer, and he knows right away that she wants something from him. He asks what she wants and she tells him that she wants his help to break Ben out of the basement so she can bring him to Miles for a minute's conversation.

Sawyer then goes to see Locke, offering to play a friendly game of backgammon. Locke eagerly agrees, and as they're setting up the game, Locke asks Sawyer for reassurance that Sawyer trusts him as a leader, and Sawyer appeases him. He also tells Locke about Kate's plan to break Ben out. He's totally conning Locke to get him to the boathouse without seeming like he's been helping Kate.

Locke and Sawyer run to find Miles in the boathouse, but he's already escaped with Kate. Kate and Miles break into the basement to see Ben. Miles asks Ben if he knows who he works for, and Ben admits that he does. Miles says that "he" has put a lot of time and energy into finding him. He also says that, for 3.2 million dollars, he'll tell the man in charge that Ben is dead. Somehow Miles knows that Ben can get his hands on that much cash. After he's done with his blackmail scheme, Kate forces Miles to admit that he knows who she is. He knows all about her criminal past and tells her she'd probably be better off staying on the island. Just as they're trying to escape, Locke bursts in and tells Kate to go back to her house.

After Kate gets back home, Locke comes in and is incredibly angry over the entire incident and demands to know exactly what Miles and Ben talked about. She tells John about the blackmail scheme, but Locke orders her to leave the barracks by morning. Kate is shocked by John's demand.

Now it's flash forward time again. Kate's wheelchair-bound, oxygenated mother comes to visit her and wants to know if she was truly a hero on the island. Her mom tells her that she had a change of heart after she thought Kate was dead, and she now has no desire to testify against her. Kate tells her not to, then. However, she has one stipulation: she wants to meet her grandson. Kate refuses and is furious that there's a stipulation to her mother trying to save her life.

Back in the stud shack, Sawyer is reading a book in his underwear. Boy, he sure does read a lot. His mother would have been so proud of him! Kate comes in and they quickly get to the horizontal hula. Mmmmm, that man is just so hawt!

Back on the beach, Jack wants to know why he can't get in touch with the freighter. He's been calling for 24 hours and there isn't any answer. Juliet asks if there is an emergency number, and Charlotte reveals that there is an emergency number they could try calling. She calls that number and Regina answers, revealing that she had no idea the helicopter ever took off. It's been over a day, and they've still had no contact with it. Oh, crap. But we know it didn't crash because Sayid was on it, and we know he got off the island as one of the Oceanic 6. So what the F?

Back at LockeLand the next morning, Miles is back to being tied up in the boathouse. Locke harshly comes in the door and shoves a grenade in his mouth and pulls out the pin. He introduces himself to Miles, telling him that he's responsible for the well being of the island, and then he leaves, telling Miles to enjoy his breakfast. If Miles doesn't bite down on the grenade, it's gonna blow up. It's a fairly awesome move, I must say. John Locke is totally badass in a very sick and twisted way. But you know he's gonna get the information he wants. Miles isn't as badass as he pretends to be.

In the stud shack, Kate and Sawyer awaken in each other's arms and do a bit of the kiss and cuddle. Sawyer mentions the possibility that Kate is expecting a little Sawyer (I should be so lucky!) and Kate tells Sawyer that she's positive she isn't pregnant. But she refused to go all the way with him last night, and then again this morning, even after he reminds her that they've done it before in the monkey cage. When Sawyer calls her out on the fact that she's probably going to run back to Jack, she backhands him and takes off. Poor Sawyer is left to his books.

In the next flash forward, Kate's mom is unwilling to testify. The prosecution decides to offer a deal with the defense. Kate will get ten years probation and won't be allowed to leave the state, but otherwise she's a free woman. As she's leaving the courthouse the back way, away from all the reporters, Jack shows up and stops her and tells her he didn't mean what he said about not being in love with her. Kate invites Jack to her place, but he refuses. He's apparently reluctant to go because he doesn't want to see the baby. Kate tells him that there is no Kate and Jack unless he's willing to see 'the baby', and that she's always available to him if he'll come to her. Jack looks sad and disgruntled as Kate gets into her taxi and drives off.

Kate goes home and is greeted by the nanny. She goes upstairs to visit her son, who was napping in his bedroom. She wakes up a little blond boy, and he rubs his eyes and says "hi Mommy" and she says "Hello, Aaron. Mommy's Home."

Oh my God, it's Aaron! Yes, Claire's Aaron! The episode cuts to black as I scream at my television in confusion. I love this show. But it's going to give me a heart attack!

Canadian Preview for Next Week

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Blogger Honor said...

Great wrap-up, Margalit! (BTW, the second location Jin suggested was NYC.)

I am so, so, SO...um...LOST! It's driving me insane. I just dashed off an email to a fellow Lostie, and asked her impressions (won't hear back from her 'til tomorrow), because I'm mostly in shock.

So, the Oceanic Six are Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron and…? Any ideas? And I'm wondering why only six of them came off the island. I'm gonna be on pins and needles until this crazy, mixed-up show is all revealed.

By the way, do you think they're going to come up with a plausible way to explain 'Smokey' and the polar bear and all the other weirdness? Or do you think the writers will just all that remain a mystery?

I love and hate this show! Have a great night.


22/2/08 2:45 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

I think the writers know what smokey is, and that the explanation will be part of the wrapup in the last season. The polar bear we already kinda know was part of a Dharma experiment, but we don't know what the experiment was about.

I'm curious about the memory issues shown by the card trick in this episode. I have no clue as to what it means. Is Daniel only affected by the island? Or does he have his own memory problems like early onset Alzheimers?

22/2/08 10:07 AM  
Blogger Honor said...

I think you're probably right regarding Smokey, but I think that, more than anything else, bugs me the most. Well, Smokey and Christian. And Jacob. And everything else... Ha!

Have you seen the Lost Mobisodes over on ABC? They're 2-3 minute mini-episodes apart from what you see on tv that kinda fill in the blanks. The first mobisode (out of 13) blew me away. If you've got about an hour to kill, you can watch all of them.

Also, do you visit the Lost Spoiler Site or the Screencaps and Easter Egg Sites? Interesting stuff. I usually visit the Screencaps site on Fridays to see what's been said about the previous night's episode, and they do a great job of taking still shots of things we might've missed. I try to stay away from the Spoiler site, since most of their stuff really are spoilers about futer episodes, and I like to be surprised.


As for Daniel and the cards and memory issues, I need to go back and re-watch that section. Not sure if he was trying to remember what cards were there, or if he was using ESP to figure out the cards. Also card-related, in Aaron's room, on the wall to the right of the door there's a painting of a bicycle. In the lower right corner of the painting, there's a playing card that has a 7 on it (clearly visible on the Screenshot site), but only 6 spades. Some people are saying that it plays into the idea of the Oceanic Six - that it's a clue that really 7 came off the island, one of them being Aaron (he wasn't on the flight manifest), so there are actually two other slots unaccounted for in the Oceanic Six.

22/2/08 1:00 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

honor, I know, the show drives me nuts, too. I do spend a lot of time I really should spare looking at all the Lost sites on Friday to see the easter egg information and try to decide what is plain looneyness conspiracy theories and what might be an actual clue. I did see the whole card in Aaron's picture discussion, but honestly, I don't have the slightest idea of what that meant.

I'm still working on how Kate got a hold of Aaron. I read one spoiler that said when Claire was on the helicopter someone just pushed her off into the Ocean. Which is plain old creepy it it's true.

And evidentally Micheal is coming back soon as Ben's man on the freighter. OMG. I so didn't expect that!

22/2/08 3:58 PM  
Blogger Honor said...

Ahh, I appreciate someone as clueless as I! I sometimes discuss points with a friend of mine, but she mostly acts like, "Duh, Honor, don't you know that he was her best friend's long lost pet sitter, and he once gave her a piece of gum before he went to that place!?" So I'm left scratching my head and wondering how I managed to miss so much.

You and my hubby would get along famously - he despises some commercials, too, and yells at the tv when they come on. He does have an uncanny knack, however, to remember the commercial actors weeks and even years later and say something random like, "Huh. She was the one who was in that Crest commercial a few years ago. Except she had red hair and was speaking in a British accent." I'm lucky if I remember what my RELATIVES look like!

Have a great night.

22/2/08 6:14 PM  

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