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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Noah, can you pick me up on your way out of town?

Excuse me while I squeegee my body. It's a bit damp around here. Oh the fun we're having with Mother Nature this week. Last night 4 inches of snow, followed by sleet, icy rain, and then more than 3 inches of rain today. It's still pouring out. I feel like we're about to float away.

We had a 2-hour delay this morning for school, which means being rocketed out of bed at 6:00 by a ringing phone. It's the school superintendent telling us all about the delay. I can't quite decide whether I like or hate this phone call. It always wakes me out of a sound sleep, which I hate. I'm then wide awake and have to watch the freaking scroll at the bottom of the news because I'm so obsessive I can't believe that there is a delay unless I read it. The Girl also awakens at the phone call, and I get to tell her it's a delay rather than a snow day, so things are sad sad sad at the old homestead. The Boy slumbers on like nothing has happened, and when I finally get him up 2 hours later, the first thing he asks me after the time is if I'm stupid. Now that's a way to start the day!

I do appreciate the reverse 911 call in principle. It's a great idea and it does make it easier than reading the crawl across the news, which can take For. Ever. if every school has called in with a delay. We not only get MA schools, we get New Hampster schools as well, and there are a lot of freaking schools in Eastern MA and Southern NH combined.

I get to call the bus service and tell them various things, like who gets picked up and dropped off when, and what a shock! They got it wrong...again! I am SO clear, and they screw up constantly. They forgot to pick up both kids at school today. The Girl's program had called them as well, so it was a double screwup, and they came to get her late with a wheelchair van. Nice! The Boy never got picked up so he walked to a friend's house that lives nearby the school and is hoping to talk the kid's parents into a ride home, eventually.

My day consisted of plunging the toilet, sleeping, and feeling like crap. It's so cold downstairs and all I wanted to do was pretend the world was far far away. Denial is sometimes good for the soul. I keep eating dried apricots. They are so good and taste of tropical warm islands far far away. I dream about the ocean, blue green sea and white sandy beaches. I want to lay on a beach chair and sip Mojitos with perfectly crushed mint, watching the surf go in and out.

I believe I'm about done with winter.

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Blogger Daisy said...

Ooh, the sleet and the cold rain is awful. I'll take snow over that any day. We've had issues with the automated phone call thing. Amigo's high school doesn't quite have it under control. That makes us glad we're in an area that has few enough schools to make the "crawl" possible.

14/2/08 7:58 PM  

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