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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh, my aching back

Last night the Girl was very upset about something and was really on a tear. Not only did she scream at everyone here, she also was mad at all her friends. I empathized with her because she was really in the right and one of the meaner mean girls in her life is really making her life miserable by spreading pretty vicious lies. This particular mean girl loves controversy and drama and stirs it up over and over again. Girl has stayed away from this particular girl for months, but the mean girl keeps stirring the pot, and her latest rumor was just too over the top for the Girl.

Of course, when the Girl is upset she needs lots of hugs and time to just process everything that is going on. Usually that means she wants to crawl in bed with me and snuggle and talk. It's comfortable for her, although I'm not always thrilled about the company in my bed. She's what's known as a 'busy' sleeper in our family.

She went up to bed and I joined her about 15 minutes later and she was already dead to the world. I didn't want to wake her up because she's such a lousy sleeper that she might be up all night and nobody wants that. So I let her sleep. I wasn't tired and watched a bit of TV and read a magazine before even trying to close my eyes.

The Girl snores. A Lot. Loudly. I spent half the night pushing her over and telling her to stop snoring, and the rest of the night being butted, kicked, punched and pushed. Needless to say, I didn't get a drop of sleep all night long.

I love sleeping with my kids. I did it when they were little a lot, and finally cut them off except for 'special occasions' when they were 11 or 12. It was enough. I'm not anti-family bed, but when your kids keep you up all night because it's like sleeping with a big truck driver, it's no longer that sweet tender moment you remember. It's painful and to be perfectly honest, not all that swell.

My back is killing me because I kept trying to get comfortable scrunched over on the edge of my bed while the Girl and Worthless Pet both were snoring in tandem. With all the covers. So not a fun night.

But in the morning she felt better, more relaxed and less angry. And that was the point, right? Please tell me I'm right!

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Blogger Bethany said...

Yes, you're right. :-) I like the term "busy sleeper". Annalie is definitely one of those too.

26/2/08 11:21 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Yes. It was worth it. Would she consider trying BreatheRight strips? Of course, if she's tossing and turning, it won't make a difference. She'll still keep you awake.

27/2/08 8:30 PM  

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