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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Pantry Report

It's been a while since I talked about food, diets, and changing our lifestyles here at Chez ThisWeatherIsNuts. Since I did a major grocery shop today, the first in a few weeks, I had a chance to revise some of my buying habits and shoot for an even better food outlook.

First, I did have to go to a regular grocery store. I do one shop a month at Trader Joes, and a second at a normal grocery store. I need all those things like toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, toilet bowl cleaner as well as large quantities of staples. Since our local grocery store has an entire health good/organic store within it's aisles, I can get what I need in organic choices easily. I tend to only shop the perimeter of the store, which helps.

I had to stock up on a lot of staples, mostly canned tomatos, beans, nut butters, dried fruits, rice, pasta, and baking supplies. My pantry, after being loaded with the latest shopping, is filled to the brim and will take us quite a bit of time to eat down to the nubbins. We have canned beans in quantity (mmmmm, black beans!), plenty of different types of canned tomatoes, lots of different nut butters (I hate them, but the kids will eat them), and even some canned fruit. The Girl likes to snack on canned pineapple chunks packed in their own juice. They both like fruit cocktail (shudder) and it makes a decent snack when not filled with sugar syrup.

I bought 2 large bags of brown rice and quite a few boxes of the barilla whole grain fortified pasta. We're going totally whole grain, and after the initial gassy week from hell, we've all adjusted to the fiber and are feeling just fine. That first week was, shall we say, odiferous around this house. Phew!

Our fridge is packed with fresh veggies. The Girl takes lunch to her program every day, and since she's an incredibly picky eater, we compromised on yogurt and she'll eat Yoplait as well as dried fruit and some nuts for lunch. That child is a little bird when it comes to food. She will also take small pizzas, so we can make and bake them here, for her to heat up in the microwave. I know, I hate reheated pizza but the kids will eat it. I also bought several sliced breads that were 12 grain organic for her to take PB&J sandwiches. It's the only sandwich she'll eat.

We've cut way down on red meat, and I bought enough for 3 meals. We'll eat meat once a week. We'll also do the same with chicken, and we're increasing our fish intake to 3 meals/week, focussing on salmon. Other meals will be vegetarian based, including things like baked winter squash stuffed with brown rice and sauted veggies and my infamous zucchini boats.

We've also cut way down on pasta. Way down. I don't think we've had a pasta meal in a while. I am trying to keep away from any refined flours, and a lot of carbs to keep my blood sugar more even. So far it's working.

Fruit intake, which is hard in these cold New England winters, is usually restricted to bananas, apples, oranges, and dried fruits. But today the store had sale prices on blueberrys and nectarines. The nectarines were cheaper than some of the apples, so I bought some. What a treat mid winter! We always have fruit on hand, and I have found that when the junk food was removed from the house, fruit got eaten by people besides me! This is big news in our house, where the Boy is always reluctant to eat fruit. I've been adding fruit to salads, usually orange slices or grated apple, and I've yet to have any complaints. Both kids love avocados, so I bought a bag of 4, and they'll eat them right out of the skins if I let them!

With all these changes, my weight continues to drop off. From my long suffering plateau last fall, I've dropped 11 lbs, putting me within 2 lbs of my next goal. I should reach that by the end of the week. I've working on 25 lbs goals which seem much more attainable than the "big" number. My total loss so far is excellent, but although I do look and feel differently, I have some major complaint issues.

I have a double chin that WILL NOT go away. The rest of my face has totally thinned out to very regular proportions, and then I have this hideous wattle hanging off my chin. I am now praying for a "lifestyle lift" because my God, it is UGLY.

I have lost quite a bit of weight in my legs, which is also excellent...but my waist remains almost exactly the same as my hips and bust. This totally pisses me off because it directly affects the way clothing fits me. I am wearing a smaller size and I do look smaller, no doubt about it, but that damn spare tire just will not go down.

Because I have no ass at all, at this size my pants look like clown pants. They fit at the waist, sort of, but the legs and the butt are enormous and I look like I'm wearing my daddy's pants. However, smaller sizes just don't fit right because of that damn waist. Oh, it's smaller, but proportionally the weight is falling off my pulkies and tuchus (thighs and butt) and not the huge roll'o'flub in the front. I am praying for liposuction and a belly lift.

So, that's this month's pantry report. I'm feeling strong, I'm feeling good, I don't HATE the addition of a bit of exercise in my life, and the change in eating is fine. Although the Boy, to be honest, hates this and has said to me many times, "You have no right to impose your eating changes on me." Um, as long as I'm paying for the food, good luck with that, son!

Are you up for changing your eating habits? Are you working hard to lose weight and get healthier? If so, post what is in your pantry and fridge and link it here. I'll put up your links and we can have a little online support group going!

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Blogger therapydoc said...

I started baking with whole wheat flour, but I'm still baking. It's what we do.

10/2/08 6:12 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

My family resists the whole grain move, too, so I mix wheat flour with white whenever I'm baking. I like the whole grain pastas; they're much more filling than the average white pastas.

10/2/08 7:52 PM  
Blogger scribbler said...

Wow, Margalit, I am impressed with your pantry.

You already know this probably, but eating lots of low fat dairy can help you lose belly fat. (I don't like the idea of it, but I'm trying, as a no-waisted person myself.) Here's a link: http://www.ediets.com/news/article.cfm/cmi_1635488

On another topic, Trader's laundry detergent is cheap, environmentally friendly, and (my favorite) smells like nothing. It's the powder detergent in the green box.

10/2/08 9:10 PM  
Blogger Balcony Gal said...

I am so glad to see that I'm not the only one who puts the peanut butter in the fridge!! Congrats on the weight loss to date. Sigh, 'wearing my daddy's pants' did give the perfect visual!

11/2/08 3:07 PM  

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