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Saturday, February 23, 2008

So much to say, so little time!

Usually my thought process is sort of like, oh, muddy. I'm old, remember. Early onset oldtimers disease has dulled my mind at times, and I sit down to post and can't remember what the heck I want to write about. I have to stare at the monitor for a while, trying to sort out my thoughts before I can come up with something cogent. And alas, I don't always win that battle.

But today I've got so much to say I can't even begin to decide what to start with first. I'll break it down into manageable chunks for you, because you can take the woman out of tech writing, but you cannot take tech writing out of the woman. Oh I wish I could!

For some insane reason, my house has turned into the town teen center. Today there were 7 kids over for most of the afternoon, playing Guitar Hero and Halo3 and screaming at top volume. You know what I did? I hid in my bedroom and watched the PBS cooking shows. I didn't even say hello to anyone because damn, these kids have been over day after day after day. Do they not have homes of their own?

While I was watching the cooking shows, Gourmet Magazine's Diary of a Foodie did a whole program on food bloggers and introduced me to three international food blogs (out of the 4 they covered) that I was completely unfamiliar with. So I'm psyched to add Sticky Rice (Viet Nam), Chez Pim (San Francisco and the rest of the world), and Cha Xiu Bao (Hong Kong) to my bloglines. I do love the food blogs. They also covered David Lebovitz (Paris and NYC) but I'm a long time reader of his blog. In fact, just today he posted about black and white cookies, which are a huge favorite of our family. YUM.

Last night the Boy was demanding much more attention from me than I was able to give him, so I introduced him to Scrabulous. Four hours later, he was still playing, had made friends with some guy in India and played several games with him, and I then had to pry him off the computer. I'm happy he enjoys this and he can certainly exercise his brain, but geesh, you wouldn't believe the amount of angst over the letters he got and the lag time on the web site. He's a tad bit competitive.

It snowed quite a bit here, more than I exected. I'm always dubious when they say 6-9" or 8-10". I always think it's going to be less. I was wrong. It's not the first time. But this morning, for a short time, the sun came out and this was the view from my bedroom window.

Isn't that driveway beautifully plowed? And people wonder why we're stranded when it snows. That goes straight uphill and it's a killer at the curve. People actually slide backwards. Our plow guy is an idiot and does a HORRIBLE job. But I don't pay him, nor do I employ him. If I did, he'd be out on his ear in a flash.

I love the way that pine holds the snow. It looks almost like it's fake, but it's not only real, it's the home of many many squirrels and birds.

When you look at these pictures, doesn't it look like I live in the middle of the woods way out in the country? I actually live less than 8 miles from downtown Boston. Really! It's one of the reasons I love the Boston area so much. There's a very vibrant city that offers everything one could ever want, and then the surrounding towns are filled with areas that look and feel rural.

And lastly, last night I made corned beef and cabbage. This has to be our family's favorite meat meal. I've never seen two kids go after corned beef like it's going to save their lives, but they do. It's just about the only meat the girl will willingly eat, and she downs so much of it that I honestly wonder if she's addicted or something. The Boy loves the cabbage, too. Sigh. It just warms my heart to know my kids not only like brussel sprouts, but at least one of them will eat cabbage. Those old Russian genes are strong!

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Blogger Daisy said...

Lovely pictures! Our neighbors have a cedar tree that is literally bent over with the weight of the snow. We, too, are expecting another storm this week. The big headline in our local paper is the question of whether the street dept. owns enough salt for more than one more storm.

23/2/08 9:33 PM  
Blogger Her Bad Mother said...

SO GORGEOUS. Makes the snow look, like, not cold.

24/2/08 9:27 PM  

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